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Proposing for the VLBA

by Amy Mioduszewski last modified Dec 19, 2016 by Tony Perreault
Call for Proposals Access to the call for proposals.
Proposal Preparation and Submission A brief description of the VLBA proposal process.
OSS The latest Observational Status Summary, a full description of the VLBA Instrumental Capabilities.  It also contains links to previous versions of the OSS.
The VLBA RSRO Program NRAO is now offering a program similar to the VLA's successful "Resident Shared Risk Observing" (RSRO) concept, to give users an opportunity to assist NRAO with VLBA development projects that would benefit from contributions by community experts.  In return, participating users would receive early access to the corresponding new capabilities.  Some areas of particular interest to NRAO, and details for proposing and participation in the RSRO program, are described on this page.
News to VLBA Observers Items of interest to the VLBA/HSA/VLBI Observing Community
Accurate Source Position Service NRAO offers to provide astrometric quality source positions in response to requests from users
Global VLBI The VLBA is a stand-alone VLBI array that is useful for addressing many scientific questions. However, in some cases, more sensitive telescopes, longer baselines, or additional high-frequency antennas are necessary to reach science goals