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Financial Support

by Mark Adams last modified Jan 29, 2018 by Dong-Chan Kim

Travel Support

For each observing program scheduled on an NRAO telescope, reimbursement may be requested for one U.S. investigator to travel to the NRAO to observe, and for one U.S. investigator to travel to the NRAO to reduce data. Reimbursement may be requested for a second U.S. investigator to either observe or reduce data provided the second investigator is a graduate or undergraduate student. The NRAO will in some cases provide travel support to the Observatory for research on archival data.

Publication Support

When requested, NRAO will pay 50% of the page charges for authors at U.S. scientific or educational institutions when the paper reports original observations acquired with any NRAO instrument(s), and the paper contains original analyses of archival data and/or is based on a significant amount of previously unpublished archival data. NRAO may, in some cases, support page charges for papers containing original instrumental or theoretical analyses with direct implications for existing or planned NRAO facilities.

Please visit the NRAO Library website for additional information regarding publication support by NRAO.