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by Davis Murphy last modified Jul 30, 2014 by Pat Murphy

We are pleased to have James Aguirre, who is a former Jansky Fellow and is currently an Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, as our Keynote Speaker this year.

Following is the complete list of registered participants including posdocs, invited speakers, organizers and registered local scientific staff:

  • James Aguirre (U. Penn)
  • Tony Beasley (NRAO, CV)
  • Michael Busch (NRAO, Soc)
  • Chris Carilli, (NRAO, Soc)
  • Laura Chomiuk (NRAO/MSU)
  • Jennifer Donovan-Meyer (NRAO, CV)
  • Michal Drahus (NRAO/Caltech)
  • Alyson Ford (NRAO, GB)
  • Miller Goss (NRAO, Soc)
  • Chris Hales (NRAO, Soc)
  • Megan Johnson (NRAO, GB)
  • Glenn Jones (NRAO/Columbia)
  • Amanda Kepley (NRAO, GB)
  • Amy Kimball (NRAO, CV)
  • Brian Lacki (NRAO/IAS)
  • Jay Lockman (NRAO, GB)
  • Jintao Luo (NRAO, CV)
  • Nuria Marcelino (NRAO, CV)
  • Ron Maddalena (NRAO, GB)
  • Minnie Mao (NRAO, Soc)
  • Sui Ann Mao (NRAO/UW Madison)
  • Toney Minter (NRAO, GB)
  • Arielle Moullet (NRAO, CV)
  • Walter Max-Moerbeck (NRAO, Soc)
  • Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos (NRAO, CV)
  • Laura Perez (NRAO, Soc)
  • Amy Reines (NRAO, CV)
  • Sabrina Stierwalt (NRAO/UVA)
  • Jessica Taylor (NRAO, GB)
  • Jessica Utley (NRAO, CV)