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TTU 2019

NRAO Community Day at the GSFC

The NRAO will conduct a two-day Community Event hosted by Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, on May 30 and 31, 2019.

The registration deadline is May 15, 2019. Please register using the Registration link on the left menu. The program is designed for up to 35 participants, and we will accept them in the order their registrations are received by us.

The hands-on sessions, including observation preparation and data reduction, are important components of the Community Days. Therefore, it is very important for participants to do the following well prior to the event (it is very unlikely you will be able to install CASA and download data sets during the Community Day):

  1. Bring a laptop
  2. Download and install CASA 5.4.0  (choose 'ALMA 5.4.0-70' under the 'Pipelines' column in the table)
  3. Download the demo data sets (use Firefox)
  4. For the AIPS and SCHED tutorials, we strongly recommend using vnc to access the cluster resources that have these software installed. On your laptop, make sure to install a vncviewer (such as realvnc viewer)
  5. For VLBA AIPS tutorial, if you have a Mac please check if you have X11 by:
    • Bring up spotlight and type “XQuartz” and if you have it, it will come up if not: