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IAU General Assembly XXXII 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Green Bank Observatory will showcase the best in radio astronomy and science at the IAU General Assembly XXXII in Cape Town, South Africa, August 6-15, 2024.

NRAO/GBO will participate in the following Division events, symposia, working groups, and focus meetings:

The NRAO and Green Bank Observatory will be in the front of the exhibit hall for the entire conference.  Please visit to learn about science, research, student opportunities, the next generation VLA (ngVLA), and ALMA Wideband Sensitivity Upgrade (WSU).

Scientists from NRAO will be giving talks and posters at different symposia and focus meetings during the conference.

Follow the NRAO (FB, X, LinkedIn, Instagram) and GBO (FB, X, LinkedIn, Instagram) to learn about the latest events happening at the conference.

Presentation Schedule (listing in progress...)

Name                             Date       Time Session   Title
Devaky Kunneriath Aug 6 10:00 FM2 Star formation and molecular gas observations of NGC 5331 with VLA and ALMA
Will Armentrout Aug 6 10:00 FM2 Star formation efficiency on the outer edge of the Milky Way
Cosima Eibensteiner Aug 6 14:47 FM2 PHANGS-MeerKAT and MHONGOOSE HI observations of nearby spiral galaxies: physical drivers of the molecular gas fraction
David Rebolledo Aug 7 10:00 FM2 A resolved view of the impact of massive star formation in the atomic, molecular and ionized gas in the Carina Nebula
Loreto Barcos-Muñoz Aug 7 11:34 FM2 Star Formation and Feedback in Local Luminous and Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Kimberly Emig Aug 7 16:47 FM2 Cold 'dark' gas in Cygnus X: The first large-scale mapping of low-frequency carbon recombination lines
Srikrishna Sekhar Aug 8 11:08 FM5 & FM7

GRIDFlag : RFI flagging in the UV domain (FM5 Talk)
Scientific Computing at Scale : How do we approach a petabyte scale problem? (FM7 Virtual Posters)

Brian Kent Aug 9 15:00 Div B 3D Astronomical Visualization with Open Shading Language
Scott Ransom Aug 9 16:15 IAU 389 The Future of NANOGrav and the DSA-2000
Mark Lacy Aug 12 10:00 Div J 2.1 The VLA Sky Survey
Tony Beasley Aug 12 16:30 Div B Synergies between ngVLA and SKA-Mid
Julia Blue Bird Aug 15 11:38 IAU 392 High Redshift HI & H2 With CHILES
Danielle Rowland Aug 15 14:50 WG4 Diversifying STEM: Collaborative Initiatives at NRAO