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VLASS pipeline versions

VLASS makes use of the standard VLA calibration and imaging pipeline, though it is sometimes necessary to make pipeline versions that are only used for VLASS if there would be a delay in features needed for VLASS being placed in the regular VLA pipeline before they could be used. Most versions of the pipeline used for VLASS listed below are available from https://casa.nrao.edu/download/distro/linux/release/. Note that  since 2021 the pipeline versions have been built separately from the CASA build, hence we specify both the CASA and pipeline versions.

Data Product CASA/pipeline version(s)
Pilot Cal. 5.4.0-68; 5.4.1-32
Pilot QL 5.3.0-21; 5.4.1-31
Epoch 1.1 Cal 5.1.0-68, -71,-73,-74; 5.1.2-4
Epoch 1.1 QL 5.3.0-10, -21; 5.6.3-9*
Epoch 1.2 Cal 5.5.0-105, -122,-144
Epoch 1.2 QL 5.4.1-32; 5.6.3-9*
Epoch 2.1 Cal 5.6.3-19; casa-6.1.3-3-pipeline-2021.1.1.29, .32
Epoch 2.1 QL 5.6.3-19
Epoch 2.1 SE cal



Epoch 2.1 SECI



Epoch 2.2 cal casa-6.1.3-3-pipeline-2021.1.1.32
Epoch 2.2 QL casa-6.1.3-3-pipeline-2021.1.1.32
Epoch 3.1 Cal casa-
Epoch 3.1 QL



Epoch 3.2 Cal casa-6.5.4-9-pipeline-2023.1.1.8
Epoch 3.2 QL casa-6.5.4-9-pipeline-2023.1.1.8

 * - CASA 5.6.3-9 was used for reprocessing of some VLASS1.1 and 1.2 QL images to remove ghosts.