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by Carolyn Hunsinger last modified Dec 19, 2019 by Davis Murphy


The ALMA Development Program is managed by the ALMA partnership in coordination with the JAO, and aims at defining and providing community-supported upgrades to the instrument, which will ensure its scientific sustainability in the next decades. The implementation of these upgrades proceeds on a competitive basis.

As part of this global effort, the ALMA North American partnership funds community-led initiatives through the ALMA Development Program, with a goal of investigating and implementing possible upgrades to the ALMA array, including hardware, software and techniques developments. Yearly funding opportunities are available to the NA ALMA Operations Partnership, which is defined as the community of astronomers and scientists in related fields from North American ALMA partner countries. Three different types of proposals can be funded: studies, strategic studies and projects. 

The Cycle 8 call for NA Study proposals is now open. More information can be found here.




  • Science Sustainability Events

       Informational webinar on the Cycle 7 NA-Call for Studies, January 16, 2019

       Atacama Large-Aperture Submm/mm Telescope (AtLAST) workshop, January 17-19,                 2018

       ALMA Sustainability Special Session at URSI, January 5, 2018

ALMA Long Baselines Workshop, Oct 3-5, 2017

       Informational webinar on the Cycle 5 NA-Call for Studies, March 15th, 2017

ALMA Band 1 workshop, January 16-20, 2017

NA ALMA developers workshop, August 24th-25, 2016

EU ALMA developers workshop, May 25th-27, 2016




  • Previous Calls

Cycle 5 studies call

Cycle 5 projects call

Cycle 4 studies call


  • Contact

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