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Maryland December 2011

The University of Maryland will host an NRAO Community Day on 15 December 2011.  The maximum number of participants is 40.  Please register using the Registration link on the left.  We accept participants in the order their registrations are received by us.

The venue will be the Uco van Wijk library (rm 1255).  The afternoon will feature a number of hands-on sessions, including observation preparation and data reduction, and we therefore ask participants to do the following:

  1. Register at the NRAO user database if you have not done so yet
  2. Participants interested in ALMA are encouraged to register at the ALMA science portal
  3. Bring a laptop
  4. Make sure you have the current release of CASA (3.3.0) on your laptop.; if not, please download and install it
  5. Download the demo data we will be using during the CASA demo by anonymous ftp. Go to ftp.aoc.nrao.edu, log on as 'anonymous', use your e-mail as password, do a cd staff/gvanmoor/community_day, and retrieve the four tar files (full.tar, H3CN.tar, SiS.tar, and sp.tar)