by Gustaaf Van Moorsel last modified Jan 04, 2012

All times are approximate.  The 'Proposing and Observation Preparation' session between lunch and the afternoon break will consist of two parallel sessions, one focused on ALMA, the other on the EVLA.  The CASA session after the afternoon break will be plenary but will feature EVLA data to illustrate synthesis data reduction..

0845-0900 Coffee

0900-0905 Welcome

0905-1035 Overview current and future capabilities - I

0905-0935 GBT - Jim Braatz

0935-1005 EVLA - Michael Rupen (ppt, pdf)

1005-1035 VLBA - Emmanuel Momjian (ppt, pdf)

1035-1055 Break

1055-1145 Overview current and future capabilities - II

1055-1145 ALMA, including synergies between NRAO telescopes - Anthony Remijan

1145-1200 Explanation of afternoon program

1155-1330 Lunch

1330-1500 Proposing and Observation Preparation (parallel EVLA and ALMA sessions)

There will be a demo which is followed by an opportunity to try out the various Observation Preparation Tools.

1500-1520 Break

1520-1800 Data reduction - CASA

1520-1600 Introduction to CASA - Emmanuel Momjian

1600-1800 Hands-on CASA Demo - Emmanuel Momjian