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Joint Proposal Opportunities

The NRAO has agreements with several observatories for Joint proposals where telescope time on Associated Universities Inc. North American (AUI/NA) facilities may be granted by these external telescope time allocation committees (TACs).  Reciprocal agreements exist where the NRAO TAC may grant time on these external facilities.   The table below list these facilities, together with the maximum time that may be allocated by either TAC and a link to the memorandum of understanding (MoU).


Joint Proposal Agreements

External Facility

Maximum Time on External Facility per year

Maxumum Time on AUI/NA Facility



50 hours 5% Currently the joint agreement is only for the VLA.  ALMA MoU.
HST 30 orbits 3% There is no HST MoU.
NICER 250 ksec 5% NICER MoU.
Chandra 120 ksec 3% Chandra MoU.
XMM-Newton 150 ksec 3% XMM-Newton MoU.
Swift 300 ksec 5% Swift MoU.
Fermi N/A 5% There is no reciprocal agreement since Fermi primarily observes in sky-survey mode.  Fermi Mou.