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Proposal Science Categories

by Purav Patel last modified Jan 02, 2018 by Dana Balser

Proposals for the use of North American NRAO facilities - the GBT, VLA, and VLBA - are organized according to one of the following scientific categories:

SSP - Solar system, stars, planetary systems: Sun, planets, comets, IPM; exoplanets; main sequence stars; active stars; stellar winds; AGB & post-AGB stars; PNe; novae

ETP - Energetic transients and pulsars: X-ray binaries, cataclysmic variables, supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, pulsars

SFM - Star formation: young stellar objects; protostars; jets, outflows; T Tauri stars; circumstellar disks; protoplanetary systems; astrochemistry

ISM - Interstellar medium: galactic HI & OH; ISM magnetic field; SNRs; HII regions; astrochemistry

NGA - Normal galaxies, clusters, and groups: Galaxies (continuum), including galaxies in groups & clusters: disk emission; star formation; magnetic fields; galactic winds; starbursts; intracluster emission & ICM astrophysics

EGS - Extragalactic structure: Galaxies (line): galaxy structure; galaxy kinematics and dynamics; galaxy chemistry; gas in galaxies

AGN - Active galactic nuclei: Seyferts; low-luminosity AGN; H2O megamasers; radio galaxies; blazars; quasars/QSOs; environmental interactions

HIZ - High redshift and source surveys: High-z objects; extragalactic source surveys; galaxy formation; gravitational lenses; large-scale structure & clusters (as cosmological probes); CMB; early universe