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DDT Target of Opportunity Proposals

DDT Target of Opportunity (ToO) proposals are for unexpected or unpredicted phenomena such as extreme X-ray or radio flares. If you are uncertain whether the phenomenon is covered under an active proposal of type Triggered, please submit a ticket to the Proposal Review department of the Observatory's Helpdesk.


ToO proposals are evaluated rapidly, with scheduling done as quickly as possible and as warranted by the nature of the transient phenomenon. ToO proposals are evaluated on the basis of scientific merit by Observatory scientific staff. Those staff also asses the technical feasibility of the ToO proposals. The proprietary period for data obtained by ToO proposals will be assessed on a case-by-case basis but will be no more than six months (see the Data Polices page).

In the PST, select a proposal type of Director's Discretionary Time and then select Target of Opportunity.