Program Abstracts

by Carolyn Hunsinger last modified Sep 21, 2018 by Robin Mason
Abstracts for LSST 2013
LSST and the Radio Sky
Radio Followup of MultiWavelength Transients
Early Radio Observations of Supernovae - Lessons From Current Time-domain Surveys
OVRO 40 Meter Blazar Monitoring Program: Location of the Gamma-Ray Emission Region in Blazars by the Study of Correlated Variability at Radio and Gamma-Rays
Searching for Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Mergers
Probing Supermassive Black Hole Growth with Next Generation Telescopes
LOFAR & PanSTARRS: Transient Searches in Different Frequency Domains
Beyond Astrognosy: LSST and Radio Stars as Probes of the Universe
Commensal, Real-Time Fast Transients Surveys with Interferometers
Magnetic Activity on Late Type Stars and Brown Dwarfs
Towards dynamic light-curve catalogues
Discovery Areas with Time Domain Radio Astronomy
SKA & SKA Science Data Processing
ASGARD: A Large Survey for Galactic Radio Transients
LSST: Survey Design and Community Interfaces
Extragalactic Source Populations
Evolution of Bias in the Radio Source Population
Connecting 20 cm Observations to Other Views of the Universe
Supermassive Black Hole Studies with the LSST
Deep Sky Surveys in the LSST Deep Drilling Fields
Sky Surveys for Cosmology
Correlating Non-linear Structure in 21cm Intensity Maps with Photometric Surveys
Radio Continuum Science with the SKA and Its Precursors
Beyond the Current Generation of Radio Surveys
Cosmic Magnetism in Galaxy Clusters and Large Scale Structure
Radio Observations of the Galaxy: Radio Surveys and the Connections with LSST
Towards Kinetic Tomography in the LSST Era
LSST Data Management Entering the Era of Petascale Optical Astronomy
CCAT: Astrophysics in the Next Decade
Virtual Astronomy in the Era of LSST
Preparing for the Flood: Transient and Variable Star Science in the Era of LSST