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Global Properties of HI in Galaxies Workshop - April 1-3, 2012

by Purav Patel last modified Mar 26, 2012 by David Frayer


A Green Bank Workshop titled "Global Properties of HI in Galaxies" will be held at the NRAO in Green Bank, WV in honor of the 35th anniversary of the discovery of the Tully-Fisher relationship. This workshop will bring together researchers and students to discuss recent results on HI in galaxies. Topics will include:

  • The Tully-Fisher Relationship and its application
  • Structure of the nearby Universe revealed by HI Surveys of Galaxies
  • The connection between global HI and galaxian properties
  • The extended HI environment of galaxies

The intimate setting of the Green Bank Observatory fosters highly interactive meetings. Because of physical limitations, the workshop will have to be limited to about 50 participants. There will be no registration fee, and meals and local housing will be provided without charge. Weather permitting, Workshop participants will be treated to a tour to the top of the 100-meter diameter Green Bank Telescope.

Immediately following the Workshop, there will be information and training sessions on use of the GBT and EVLA, and an ALMA Training and Community Day. (NRAO Community Day Event)


Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Helene Courtois, University of Lyon
  • Rick Fisher, NRAO
  • Martha Haynes, Cornell University
  • Barbel Koribalski, CSIRO
  • Glen Langston, NRAO
  • Jay Lockman, NRAO
  • Stacy McGaugh, University of Maryland
  • Robert Minchin, NAIC Arecibo Observatory
  • Karen O'Neil, NRAO
  • D.J. Pisano, West Virginia University
  • Brent Tully, University of Hawaii

Local Organizing Committee
Dave Frayer
Sue Ann Heatherly
Megan Johnson
Jay Lockman
Ron Maddalena
Toney Minter
Christing Plumley
Jessica Taylor