by Taylor Johnson last modified Jun 03, 2012
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  3. Frank Briggs — Does Cold Mode Accretion Help with Giant Galaxy Warps?
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  7. Erwin de Blok — Dark Matter and ISM in the THINGS Galaxies
  8. Erwin de Blok — What is MeerKAT?
  9. Filippo Fraternali — Disk-halo Connection and Gas Accretion
  10. Riccardo Giovanelli — Dark Matter Mini Halos
  11. Martha Haynes — The ALFALFA Census of Gas-Bearing Galaxies at z=0
  12. Megan Johnson — Mapping HI around Two Star Bursting Dwarfs
  13. Sheila Kannappan — Puddling and Quenching: How does HI Content Depend on Galaxy Mass?
  14. Katie Keating — Anomalous HI Features in M101: Tidal Debris or Cold Accretion?
  15. Jay Lockman & Global Properties of HI in Galaxies: a Workshop in Honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Tully-Fisher Relationship
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