by Davis Murphy last modified Apr 17, 2014 by Jeff Mangum

We are pleased to have Yancy Shirley, who is a former Jansky Fellow and is currently a Professor at the University of Arizona, as our Keynote Speaker this year.

Following is the complete list of registered participants including posdocs, invited speakers, organizers and registered local scientific staff:

  • Lori Appel (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Michael Busch (UCLA and NRAO)
  • Claire Chandler (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Laura Chomiuk (Harvard and NRAO)
  • Stuartt Corder (ALMA and NRAO)
  • Miller Goss (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Huib Intema (NRAO, CV)
  • Amanda Kepley (Univ of Virginia)
  • Amy Kimball (NRAO, CV)
  • Brian Lacki (IAS and NRAO)
  • Sui Ann Mao (Univ Wisconsin Madison and NRAO)
  • Nuria Marcelino (NRAO, CV)
  • Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos (NRAO, CV)
  • Rick Perley (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Robin Pulliam (NRAO, CV)
  • Urvashi Rau (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Amy Reines (NRAO, CV)
  • Scott Rowe (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Nirupam Roy (NRAO, Socorro)
  • Kimberly Scott (NRAO, CV)
  • Yancy Shirley (Univ of Arizona)
  • Jessica Utley (NRAO, CV)
  • Ran Wang (Univ of Arizona and NRAO)
  • Theresa Wiegert (Queen's University)
  • Romero, Antonette (NRAO, Socorro)