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Oral presentations and posters are listed below, with the following codes, under "Type":

(I) - Invited

(C) - Contributed

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Start Speaker Presentation Title Type
7:30 AM Registration
8:30 AM Beasley Overview
8:40 AM SOC co-Chairs

Cosmology & Cosmic Dawn

8:45 AM Dodelson Theoretical Perspectives on Cosmology and Cosmic Dawn I
9:10 AM Bock Experimental Searches for Signatures of Inflation I
9:35 AM Parsons Dark Ages and Reionization I
10:00 AM Crites Probing the Epoch of Reionization with CII Tomography: TIME-Pilot and Future Capabilities C
10:08 AM Liu Combined Analyses of 21cm Cosmology and Cosmic Microwave Background Data C
10:16 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Staggs Late Time Cosmology I
11:10 AM Golwala Using Clustering in the Submillimeter to Trace the Evolution of Dusty, Star-forming Galaxies on the Main Sequence C
11:18 AM Vieira The Redshift Distribution of Submm Galaxies C
11:26 AM Myers Cosmological Surveys I
11:51 AM Braatz Direct Probes of Ho I
12:16 PM Discussion
12:45 PM Lunch/informal discussion

Cradle of Life

2:00 PM Bergin Future Challenges related to Star and Planet Formation I
2:25 PM Offner Star Formation I
2:50 PM Brogan Revealing the Obscured Hearts of Massive Protostars C
2:58 PM Dunham The Role of Large Surveys in Star Formation C
3:06 PM Herbst Interstellar Chemistry I
3:31 PM Coffee Break / Poster Session
4:00 PM Lang Star Formation in the Galactic Center and Galactic Centers C
4:08 PM Hughes Protoplanetary and Debris Disks I
4:33 PM Isella Studying Planet Formation with Future Radio Telescopes C
4:41 PM Dawson Planetary Systems and their Evolution I
5:06 PM Milam The Solar System I
5:31 PM Discussion
6:00 PM Reception
6:45 PM Dinner

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

Start Speaker Presentation Title Type
8:30 AM Keres Theories of Gas Flows In and Out of Galaxies I
8:55 AM Veilleux Observations of Gas Flows In and Out of Galaxies I
9:20 AM Hayward Constraining the Importance of Stellar Feedback-driven Outflows in Galaxy Formation C
9:28 AM Baker Observations of the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies I
9:53 AM Scoville ISM masses and Star Formation at High z using Dust Continuum C
10:01 AM Coffee Break / Poster Session
10:30 AM Narayanan Theory of Interstellar Matter in Galaxies I
10:55 AM Robertson Theories of Star Formation and AGN Activity over Cosmic Time I
11:20 AM Casey Observations of Star Formation and AGN Activity over Cosmic Time I
11:45 AM Mills Characterizing the Environment of Deeply Buried AGN with the NGVLA C
11:53 AM Pope Taking Census of Dust-obscured Star Formation in all Galaxies over Cosmic Time C
12:01 PM Discussion
12:30 PM Lunch/informal discussion

Fundamental Physics

1:30 PM Slatyer Dark Matter I
1:55 PM Doeleman Imaging the Event Horizon of Supermassive Black Holes I
2:20 PM Karami Directly Imaging Gravitational Microlensing Events C
2:28 PM Siemens Detecting Gravity Waves I
2:53 PM Rupen Radio Imaging of Galactic Explosions C
3:01 PM Coffee Break / Poster Session
3:30 PM Ransom The Physics of Pulsars I
3:55 PM Demorest Testing GR with Pulsars I
4:20 PM Lorimer Fast Transients I
4:36 PM Chomiuk Slow Transients I
4:52 PM Laskar Fundamental Physics with Gamma-ray Bursts C
5:00 PM Discussion

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Facilities Under Construction

Start Speaker Presentation Title Type
8:30 AM Fabbiano Next Generation X-ray Telescopes I
8:55 AM Willman LSST I
9:20 AM Diamond Square Kilometer Array I
9:45 AM Hallinan The Owens Valley LWA: Next-generation All-Sky Imaging at Radio Frequencies [Facilities Unde C
9:53 AM Romero NIKA2: Millimeter Observations with KIDs C
10:01 AM Coffee Break / Poster Session
10:30 AM Kruk James Webb Space Telescope I
10:55 AM Kruk WFIRST I
11:20 AM Werthimer Advanced Radio Instrumentation I
11:45 AM Stacey The CCAT Observatory C
11:53 AM Schloerb Status of the Large Millimeter Telescope C

Science Working Groups

12:01 PM Pick up Lunch and Go to Breakout Rooms
12:30 PM Working lunch: SWGs meet/discuss/write summary
Grand Ballroom B&C Hartmann / Wilner Cradle of Life
Paris Shapley / Yun Formation/Evolution of Galaxies
Malpensa Broderick / McLaughlin Fundamental Physics
Heathrow Kovac / Church Cosmology & Cosmic Dawn
2:00 PM Presentations of SWGs summaries

Poster Presentations

Beck Ions and Molecules Interacting in Starbursts:3-D Views from High Resolution Spectra
Hunter Measuring the luminosity of massive protostars via their millimeter continuum brightness temperature
Kassim Doing more with less: Leveraging investments in radio astronomy infrastructure through commensal, lower-frequency observing.
Kellermann / Lister Radio Loud and Radio Quiet AGN
Kepley Sensitive, Wide-Field, Spectral Line Observations of Nearby Galaxies are the Key to Understanding Star Formation
Lockman Today’s instrument for low surface-brightness studies
Saito Future (Sub)Millimeter Development in Japan
Tsai Searches for Radio Transients using the Long Wavelength Array
Wootten A Vision of ALMA in the Next Decade