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Future of Planetary Radio Astronomy with Single-dish Telescopes Workshop

June 9 - 10 2015

NRAO - Green Bank, WV

Radar studies of near-earth asteroids, mapping of planet and lunar surfaces, chemical compositions of comets, asteroids, and planetary atmospheres, and origins of solar systems, are just some of the exciting topics currently being studied through the use of large single-dish telescopes. This workshop will bring together researchers to discuss how the large single-dish telescopes such as the GBT and Arecibo can best contribute to future research in these and other topics, including new and improved capabilities and instrumentation.

The intimate setting of the Green Bank Observatory fosters highly interactive meetings. Attendance will be limited to roughly 30 participants, and we aim to provide plenty of time for discussions. We expect the agenda to evolve as we hear from potential participants. There will be no registration fee, and meals and local housing will be provided without charge. In the unlikely event that we have more registrants than spaces available, preference will be given to those who are contributing a presentation. Weather permitting, workshop participants will tour the 100-meter diameter Green Bank Telescope.

Registration and abstract submission closed on April 30 2015.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Lance Benner (JPL)
Bruce Campbell (Smithsonian Institute)
Lindley Johnson (NASA)
Amy Lovell (Agnes Scott College)
Alex Wolszczan (Penn State University)

Scientific Organizing Committee
Lance Benner (JPL)
Don Campbell (Cornell)
Alyson Ford (NRAO)
Frank Ghigo (NRAO)
Amy Lovell (Agnes Scott College)
Mike Nolan (Arecibo)