Presentations (uploads in progress...)


June 09

The Green Bank Telescope and Planetary Science: resources and projects (J. Lockman)

Passive Single-Dish Observations of Small Bodies (A. Lovell)

Planetary Radar Mapping for the Next Decade (B. Campbell)

Mini-RF/Arecibo Observatory Bistatic Observations of the Moon (G. Patterson)

Assessing Lunar Regolith Maturity From a Variety of Perspectives (J. Cahill)

Subsurface layering in mare regions revealed in Mini-RF data of crater ejecta (A. Stickle)

Single-dish radio telescopes and the exoplanet research (A. Wolszczan)

Search for Molecular Outflows from the Disintegrating Exoplanet KIC 12557548b (D. Blank)

Planetary Radar for the Active Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Active SETI; D. Vakoch)

June 10

Radar Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids (L. Benner)

Capabilities and Comparisons of Ground-basked Radar Facilities for Near-Earth Asteroid Observations (S. Naidu)

NASA's Near Earth Object Program (L. Johnson)

Bistatic Radar Observations with Large Radio Telescopes (M. Busch)

Bistatic Observations of Slowly Rotating Small Asteroids (P. Taylor)

Radar-developed asteroid shapes and spins reveal a preferred state of maximum surface stability (J. Richardson)

Using Structure Functions to Analyze Uncertainties in Radar-based Shape Modeling (S. Marshall)

Development of Long-Code Capability at Goldstone and Initial Results for NEA (357439) 2004 BL86, Venus, and Galilean Satellites (J. McMichael)

Considerations of a Planetary Radar System for the GBT (J. Ford)

Workshop Summary (D. Campbell)