by Davis Murphy last modified Mar 02, 2018 by Jessica Utley

Following is the complete list of registered participants including postdocs, invited speakers, organizers and registered local scientific staff:

Kazunori Akiyama, NRAO/MIT

Loreto Barcos-Munoz, JAO/NRAO

Laura Fissel, NRAO CV

Adam Ginsburg, NRAO SO

Lynne Hillenbrand, Caltech

Tanmoy Laskar, NRAO/Berkeley

Ryan Loomis, Harvard

Dustin Madison, NRAO CV

Jeff Mangum, NRAO CV

Kunal Mooley, NRAO/Caltech

Kristina Nyland, NRAO CV

David Rebolledo, JAO/NRAO

Kevin Stovall, NRAO SO

Nithyanandan Thyagarajan, NRAO SO

Jessica Utley, NRAO CV