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VLASS Discussion Forums

by Steven Myers last modified Aug 08, 2016 by Mark Lacy

VLASS Google Group

A Google Group has been set up to facilitate communication and discussion on the Science Working Group, open to all.  Please sign up by visiting this link.

VLASS Forums

We have created a NRAO Science Forum topic for VLASS to allow you to participate in the SSG process, and to generate, explore, and evolve ideas for the survey.

The main forum is found at:

The sub-forums are:

You will need to register with to post in these forums, use the Login link at the upper right of the page and then use the Register button.

VLASS on the NRAO Public Wiki

There is also a space available for use for posting materials in the VLASS Area on the NRAO public wiki. You will need to sign up for the wiki and log-in to post things. Use the Login or Register link in upper right of wiki for this.

Individual WG wiki areas: