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In response to the Call For White Papers we have received the following community submissions:

IDContact AuthorAuthor(s)TitlePaper LinkRev. Date
1 Myers, Steven
Steven Myers (NRAO) A Karl G. Jansky VLA Sky Survey Prospectus Rev0 2013-12-13
2 Wilson, Tom
T. E. Clarke, J. Helmboldt, N. Kassim, T. Mroczkowski, W. Peters, E. Polisensky, P. Ray, T. Wilson (NRL VLITE team)
"Free" Meter-wavelength, commensal measurements during VLASS with VLITE Rev0 2013-12-15
3 Law, Casey C. J. Law (1), G. C. Bower (1,2), S. Burke-Spolar (3), G. Hallinan (3), T. J. W. Lazio (4); (1) UC Berkeley, (2) RCUH, ASIAA, (3) Caltech, (4) JPL
Fast Transient Science in the VLASS Rev0 2013-12-16
4 Law, Casey C. J. Law (UC Berkeley) Real-time Transient Detection in the VLASS Abstract 2013-11-29
5 Bhatnagar, Sanjay
S. Bhatnagar, U. Rau, M. Rupen (NRAO), D.A. Green (Cambridge, UK), R. Kothes (DRAO), A. Roshi (NRAO), S.M. Dougherty (DRAO), P. Palmer (Chicago)

VLA-GBT Wide-band Galactic Plane Survey

Rev0 2013-12-12
6 Sjouwerman, Lorant
Lorant O. Sjouwerman, Elisabeth A.C. Mills (NRAO)
Galactic kU-band Thermal Survey (GUTS) Rev0 2013-12-14
7 Brown, M.L.

M. L. Brown (U Manchester) and 50 other authors

Probing the accelerating Universe with radio weak lensing in the JVLA Sky Survey Rev0 2013-12-15
8 Jarvis, Matt Matt Jarvis (Oxford), Sanjay Bhatnagar (NRAO), Ian Heywood (CSIRO), Eric Murphy (IPAC), Russ Taylor (UWC,UCT,Calgary)
Oleg Smirnov (Rhodes, SKA-SA)
Vernesa Smolcic (U Zagreb), Jeroen Stil (Calgary)
A JVLA 10 Square Degree deep L-band Survey
Rev0 2013-12-16
9 Richards, Gordon Gordon Richards (Drexel University), Robert Becker (UC Davis/IGPP), Michael Brotherton (Wyoming), Xiaohui Fan (Arizona), Eilat Glikman (Middlebury), Jackie Hodge (NRAO), Zeljko Ivezi´c (Washington), Amy Kimball (CSIRO), Mark Lacy (NRAO), Minnie Mao (NRAO), Ian McGreer (Arizona), Michael Strauss (Princeton), Rick White (STScI) A Design Concept for a Very Large Array Sky Survey Rev0 2013-12-15
10 Mao, Sui Ann Sui Ann Mao (NRAO, U Wisconsin Madison) and 25 other authors
A Wideband Polarization Survey of the Extragalactic Sky at 2-4 GHz: A Science White Paper for the VLA Sky Survey Rev0 2013-12-16
11 Hallinan, Gregg G. Hallinan, K.P. Mooley, S.R. Kulkarni (Caltech),
S.T. Myers, D.A. Frail (NRAO),
A. Horesh (Weizmann Institute), C. Law
(UC Berkeley)
Transient Science with the VLASS Rev1 2014-01-03
12 Spolaor, S. Burke S. Burke Spolaor (Caltech), A. Brazier, S. Chatterjee (Cornell), J. Comerford (UC Boulder), J. Cordes (Cornell), J. Lazio (JPL), X. Liu (UCLA), Y. Shen (Carnegie)
A hunt for dual radio active galactic nuclei in the VLASS Rev0 2013-12-15
13 Kamble, Ashish Atish Kamble, Alicia Soderberg, Edo Berger, Ashley Zauderer, Sayan Chakraborti and Peter Williams (CfA) on behalf of a larger collaboration Radio Supernovae in the Local Universe Rev0 2013-12-15
14 Clarke, Tracy Tracy Clarke (NRL), Tony Mroczkowski (NRL), Shea Brown (U. Iowa), Gianfranco Brunetti (INAF), Daniele Dallacasa (INAF), Luigina Feretti (INAF), Simona Giacintucci (UMD), Gabriele Giovannini (Unibo), Federica Govoni (INAF), Maxim Markevitch (GSFC), Matteo Murgia (INAF), Lawrence Rudnick (UMN), Anna Scaife (Southampton), Valentina Vacca (INAF), Tiziana Venturi (INAF), Reinout van Weeren (CfA) Radio Emission and Polarization Properties of Galaxy Clusters with VLASS Rev1 2014-02-18
15 Spuck, Timothy

Tim Spuck (AUI), Sue Ann Heatherly (NRAO), Martha Haynes (Cornell), John Stoke (NRAO), Bill Cotton (NRAO), Ed Prather (Center for Astronomy Education), Kartik Sheth (NRAO), Judy Stanley (NRAO),  Dave Westphfal (NMT), Kathryn Williamson (NRAO)

Early Integration of Broader Impacts ‐ EPO Rev0 2013-12-10
16 Chatterjee, Shami Shami Chatterjee, James M. Cordes, Robert Wharton (Cornell), David L. Kaplan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), T. Joseph W. Lazio (JPL), Frone field Crawford (Franklin and Marshall College), Scott Ransom (NRAO)
Discovering Exotic Pulsars and Transients
with VLASS and Time Domain Surveys
Rev0 2013-12-15
17 Edge, Alastair Alastair Edge (Durham University), Michael Hogan, Julie Hlvacek-Larrondo, Helen Russell, Andy Fabian, Brian McNamara, Elaine Sadler, Keith Grainge Constraining the evolution of AGN feedback in cluster cores over the past 7Gyr Rev0 2013-12-16
18 Hales, Christopher Christopher A. Hales (NRAO)
Go deep, not wide Rev0 2013-12-16
19 Mills, Elisabeth Elisabeth Mills (NRAO), Adam Ginsburg (ESO), Diederik Kruijssen (MPA), Lorant Sjouwerman (NRAO), Cornelia Lang (U Iowa), Sui Ann Mao (NRAO, U Wisconsin), Andrew Walsh (Curtin), Meng Su (MIT) VLASSICK: The VLA Sky Survey in the Central Kiloparsec Rev1 2014-01-03
20 Wang, Wei-Hao Wei-Hao Wang (Academia Sinica) The Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey and the Synergy with the VLA Sky Survey Rev0 2013-12-23
21 Bastian, Tim Tim Bastian (NRAO), Tony Beasley (NRAO), Alex Brown (U. Colorado), Steve Drake (NASA/GSFC), Manuel Guedel U. Vienna), Gregg Hallinan (Caltech), Jeff Linsky (U. Colorado), Rachel Osten (STSCI), Michael Rupen (NRAO), Stephen White (USAF) Stellar Surveys Abstract 2014-01-03
22 Lacy, Mark Mark Lacy & Minnie Mao (NRAO) The VLA UltraDeep Field Rev0 2014-04-24
23 SSG Eric J. Murphy, Stefi Baum, and VLASS Survey Science Group A Preliminary Summary of the VLA Sky Survey Rev0 2014-06-13

You can also download a tarball of all current White Papers here.

We have posted a table of White Paper survey parameters for reference.

White Paper submission will be kept open. New white papers or updated revisions will be added once received.