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For questions and support on ALMA proposals and data, please contact us by submitting an ALMA Helpdesk ticket via the ALMA Science Portal<https://help.almascience.org/> questions, suggestions, or feedback on ALMA or the NAASC should also be submitted through the Helpdesk under the ‘NA general inquiries’ department (to be put in place)

You may also submit general inquiries about the NAASC via email

Operational policy questions or feedback may be directed to the

For matters related to scientific and user priorities, contact the NRAO/GBO Users Committee (see membership here) through their contact form.

To stay informed about NAASC news and opportunities, we recommend that you:

  • Register with the ALMA Science Portal. Users assigned to the NA ARC are automatically added to the NA ALMA User mailing list. Emails to this mailing list may be sent every 6-8 weeks.
  • Subscribe to the NRAO e-news list for monthly newsletters.