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Carol Lonsdale, NAASC

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Carol Lonsdale's HomePage

LonsdaleCarol.jpg Carol J. Lonsdale

NRAO Assistant Director (NAASC Head)

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, VA

Professional Interests:

Galaxy Evolution; Infrared Galaxies, Starburst Galaxies, AGN; Observational Cosmology.


  • First Class Honors, Astronomy, St. Andrews 1976.
  • PhD Edinburgh 1980.
  • NATO/SERC PostDoc IfA, U. Hawaii 1980 - 82.
  • Visiting Professor UCLA 1982 - 83.
  • Science Staff IPAC 1983 - 2008.
  • NRAO Assistant Director 2008 - Present.

Recent Work:

The Spitzer Wide-area InfraRed Extragalactic survey (SWIRE)

I am the PI of the SWIRE project, which is one of six Legacy surveys awarded time during the first year of Spitzer Space Telescope operation. SWIRE is a wide-area, high galactic latitude, imaging survey designed to trace the evolution of dusty, star-forming galaxies, evolved stellar populations, and active galactic nuclei as a function of environment from redshifts, z ~ 3, when the Universe was about 2 billion years old, to the present time. The primary data for the survey are infrared images acquired by the Spitzer Space Telescope. SWIRE surveyed approximately 49 square degrees with the MIPS far-infrared camera and IRAC mid-infrared camera.


Here are my most recent & relevant publications.

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