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The following is list of NAASC staff members presently based in Charlottesville, VA:

Tristan.pngTristan Ashton, Staff, Email: tashton [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

L.Barcos.jpgLoreto Barcos-Munoz, Science Staff, Email: lbarcos [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: User Support Group, Face-to-Face visitor program Lead, Phase 2 Group, Scheduler

Scientific Interests: Extragalactic Astronomy; Galaxy Evolution; Star Formation; AGN; outflows; Interacting Galaxies: e.g., Arp 220; Observations at Radio, Millimeter, Submillimeter, and Infrared wavelengths (ADS: Refereed Papers)

BroganCrystal.jpgCrystal Brogan, Science staff, Email: cbrogan [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: North American ALMA Program Scientist

Scientific Interests: High-mass star formation, astrochemistry, masers, magnetic fields, supernova remnants, small-scale structure in the ISM (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Butterfield.jpegNatalie Butterfield, Science staff, Email: nbutterf [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Telescope Interface Group; Phase 2 Group, Data Reduction Manager

Scientific Interests: radio/IR studies of the Milky Way Galactic Center, star formation, molecular cloud properties, astrochemistry (ADS: Refereed Papers)

EvansAaron.jpgAaron Evans, Science staff, Email: aevans [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: NAASC/ALMA Webpages, EPO, User Support Services Group

Scientific interest: Extragalactic, multi-wavelength studies of infrared galaxies, radio galaxies and quasar hosts (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Ed-photo.jpegEd Fomalont, Science Staff, Email: efomalon [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA calibration, polarization, astrometry

Scientific Interests: Radio source counts, Parallax, proper motion and orbital motion of galactic objects, space array interferometric possibilities, dynamics of evolving x-ray sources (ADS: Refereed Papers)

antonio.jpgAntonio Hales, Science Staff, Email: ahales [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Deputy North American ARC Manager, Telescope Interface Group Lead

Formation and Evolution of Planetary System, Protoplanetary and Debris disks, Episodic Accretion in Young Stars (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Jhibbard.jpgJohn Hibbard, Science Staff, Email: jhibbard [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA Operations, ALMA Pipeline

Scientific interests: Extragalactic HI, galaxy evolution, luminous infrared galaxies and galaxy mergers (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Todd.jpegTodd Hunter, Science staff, Email: thunter [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA Pipeline Heuristics Lead, ALMA Telescope Diagnostics Team, ALMA Software System Team, ALMA Integrated Development Team

Scientific interest: High-mass star formation, protoclusters accretion outbursts, UCHII regions, hot cores, outflows, masers, millimeter/ submillimeter interferometry (ADS: Refereed Papers)

IndebetouwRemy.jpgRemy Indebetouw, Science staff, Email: rindebet [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Data reduction pipeline subsystem scientist. NAASC Science Software Group.

Scientific interests: (High mass) star formation, interstellar medium and molecular clouds (ADS: Refereed Papers)

JewellPhil2048.jpgPhil Jewell, Science staff, Email: pjewell [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: North American ALMA Director

Scientific interests: Astrochemistry, masers, molecular emissions (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Erica Keller, Staff

ALMA Support: Data Services Group Manager, Data Reduction Manager

Kepley.jpgAmanda Kepley, Science Staff, Email: akepley [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA CASA Sub-system Scientist, Deputy Pipeline Sub-system Scientist

Scientific Interests: Star formation in and the interstellar medium of nearby galaxies. PI of DEGAS, a GBT Large Survey mapping the dense, star-forming gas in 36 nearby galaxies. (ADS: Refereed Papers)

dckim.jpgDong-Chan Kim, Staff, Email: dkim [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: NAASC/ALMA webpages, Data Services Group

Scientific interests: Luminous and ultraluminous infrared galaxies, quasars and active galactic nuclei, recoiling supermassive black holes (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Devaky-photo.jpegDevaky Kunneriath, Science Staff, Email: dkunneri [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA Pipeline

Scientific interests: Multi-wavelength studies of the Galactic centre, interacting galaxies, mm/submm interferometry (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Lipnicky_Andrew.jpgAndrew Lipnicky, Science Staff

ALMA Support: ALMA Telescope Interface Group, TelCal Sub-system Scientist

Scientific interests: dwarf galaxies, small scale structure, dark matter (ADS: Refereed Papers)

LisztHarvey.pngHarvey Liszt, Science staff, Email: hliszt [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Support for the Observing Tool and proposal preparation and scheduling

Scientific interests: Spectral-line data reduction, interstellar chemistry, diffuse clouds, galactic structure and the galactic nucleus (ADS: Refereed Papers)

rLoomis.pngRyan Loomis, Science staff, Email: rloomis [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA Pipeline Imaging Lead, ALMA development

Scientific interests: Protoplanetary disks, astrochemistry, millimeter/submillimeterinterferometry, machine learning (ADS: Refereed Papers)

dominic.jpegDominic Ludovici, Staff

ALMA Support: Data Services Group

Scientific interests: Environments and magnetic fields around compact objects (ADS: Refereed Papers)

MangumJeff.jpgJeff Mangum, Science staff, Email: jmangum [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: NA antenna optimization, NA development support

Scientific Interests: Galactic and extragalactic star formation, astrochemistry, molecular spectroscopy of comets (ADS: Refereed Papers)

brianM.jpegBrian Mason, Science staff, Email: bmason [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Lead Data Reduction Manager

Scientific Interests: Galaxy Clusters, Observational Cosmology; Imaging Algorithms; Instrumentation Development (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Jen Donovan-MeyerJennifer Donovan Meyer, Science staff

ALMA Support: ALMA development scientist

Scientific Interests: Galaxy evolution, early-type galaxies, extended disks, giant molecular clouds, dwarf galaxies. (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Arielle-photo.pngArielle Moullet, Science Staff, Email: amoullet [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Community Programs Lead

Scientific Interests: Planetary atmospheres, Asteroids and small bodies, Radiative Transfer, Debris disks millimeter interferometry, infrared observations (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Marcel.pngMarcel Neeleman, Science Staff, Email: mneelema [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA Pipeline, User Support

Scientific Interests: quasar absorption lines, high redshift quasars, galaxy kinematics in the early Universe, cosmic baryon cycle. (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Sebastian Nikischer, NAASC Administrative Assistant, Email: snikisch [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Administrative Assistant

adele.jpgAdele Plunkett, Science Staff, Email: aplunket [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Deputy ALMA Archive Sub-system Scientist, Integrated Reporting System Sub-system Scientist, User Support

Scientific Interests: Star formation, protostellar outflows, molecular cloud evolution (ADS: Refereed Papers)

georgeprivon.jpgGeorge Privon, Science Staff, Email: gprivon [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: ALMA Ambassador Program Lead, ALMA User Documentation Lead, Community Programs group, User Support

Scientific Interests: Galaxy evolution, multi-wavelength observations of massive and dwarf galaxy mergers, dynamical modeling / N-body simulations (ADS: Refereed Papers)

msanchez.pngMichael Sanchez, Staff, Email: masanche [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

psheehan.pngPatrick Sheehan, Staff, Email: psheehan [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Science Ready Data Products team

Scientific Interests: planet formation, star formation, protoplanetary disks, pre-main sequence stellar masses (ADS: Refereed Papers)

hsheets.jpgHolly Sheets, Staff, Email: hsheets [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

Scientific Interests: exoplanet characterization and evolution, debris disks, eclipsing binaries. (ADS: Refereed Papers)

SimonRichard2819.jpgRichard Simon, Science staff, Email: rsimon [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Phase 2 Group, Project Tracker Sub-system Scientist

Scientific interests: Searching for Extrasolar Planets (ADS: Refereed Papers)

b.pngSteven 'Cole' Wampler, Staff

ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

vlahakisCatherine Vlahakis, Science staff, Email: cvlahaki [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: North American ARC Manager

Scientific interests: The properties of the interstellar medium and star formation in galaxies using (sub)millimeter and radio observations; molecular gas in active radio galaxies; mm/submm interferometry. (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Starr_E.jpgEdward Starr, Staff

ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

sarah.jpegSarah Wood, Staff

ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

WoottenAl.jpgAl Wootten, Science staff, Email: awootten [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: North American ALMA Deputy Program Scientist

Scientific Interests: Star formation, structure and chemistry of the interstellar medium in galaxies, circumstellar material (ADS: Refereed Papers)

yoon.jpgIlsang Yoon, Science Staff, Email: iyoon [at] nrao [dot] edu

ALMA Support: Contact Scientist Support Lead, Pipeline Development

Scientific interests: Atomic and molecular gas in galaxies, Galaxy morphology, Bayesian statistics, Stellar dynamics, Supermassive black holes (ADS: Refereed Papers)