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The following is list of NAASC staff members presently based in Charlottesville, VA:

Jim Braatz, Science staff

    ALMA Support: User Support Services Group
    Scientific Interests: Cosmic masers, active galaxies, molecular emission from galaxies, cosmology, spectral line data analysis (ADS: Refereed Papers)

BroganCrystal.jpgCrystal Brogan, Science staff

    ALMA Support: ALMA CASA subsystem scientist, Imaging Tiger Team Lead
    Scientific Interests: High-mass star formation, astrochemistry, masers, magnetic fields, supernova remnants, small-scale structure in the ISM (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Anand Crossley, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data Ninja

EvansAaron.jpgAaron Evans, Science staff

    ALMA Support: NAASC/ALMA Webpages, EPO, User Support Services Group
    Scientific interest: Extragalactic, multi-wavelength studies of infrared galaxies, radio galaxies and quasar hosts (ADS: Refereed Papers)

paul.jpegPaul Fisher, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

b.pngRachel Harrison, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

HibbardJohn.jpgJohn Hibbard, Science Staff

    ALMA Support: North American ARC Manager & ALMA Operations, JAO Support Group Lead
    Scientific interests: Extragalactic HI, galaxy evolution, luminous infrared galaxies and galaxy mergers (ADS: Refereed Papers)

HunterTodd.jpgTodd Hunter, Science staff

    ALMA Support: GBT PTCS Instrumentation Scientist; ALMA N. America Front End Project, JAO Support Group
    Scientific interest: High-mass star formation, protoclusters, UCHII regions, hot cores, outflows, masers, millimeter/ submillimeter interferometry (ADS: Refereed Papers)

IndebetouwRemy.jpgRemy Indebetouw, Science staff

    ALMA Support: development of ALMA/EVLA simulation software in CASA, Data Services/JAO Support Group
    Scientific interests: (High mass) star formation, interstellar medium and molecular clouds (ADS: Refereed Papers)

JewellPhil2048.jpgPhil Jewell, Science staff

    ALMA Support: ALMA North American Assistant Director, Head of the NAASC
    Scientific interests: Astrochemistry, masers, molecular emissions (ADS: Refereed Papers)

b.pngErica Keller, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist

Kepley.jpgAmanda Kepley, Postdoctoral Fellow

    ALMA Support:
    Scientific Interests: Interstellar medium and star formation in nearby galaxies with extreme properties (ADS: Refereed Papers)

dckim.jpgDong-Chan Kim, Staff

    ALMA Support: NAASC/ALMA webpages, Data Services Group
    Scientific interests: Luminous and ultraluminous infrared galaxies, quasars and active galactic nuclei (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Brian.jpgBrian Kirk, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group

LacyMark.jpgMark Lacy, Science staff

    ALMA Support: NAASC, ALMA archive and user support, Data Services Group Lead
    Scientific interests: Quasars and active galactic nuclei, distant galaxies and galaxy evolution, extragalactic surveys (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Erica.jpgErica Lastufka, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group

LisztHarvey.jpgHarvey Liszt, Science staff

    ALMA Support: NAASC member specializing in proposal preparation and scheduling, Data Services Group
    Scientific interests: Spectral-line data reduction, interstellar chemistry, diffuse clouds, galactic structure and the galactic nucleus (ADS: Refereed Papers)

LonsdaleCarol.jpgCarol Lonsdale, Science Staff

    ALMA Support: User Support Group Lead
    Scientific interests: Starburst galaxies, ultraluminous infrared galaxies, active galactic nuclei, galaxy evolution, large scale structure, extragalactic survey (ADS: Refereed Papers)

MangumJeff.jpgJeff Mangum, Science staff

    ALMA Support: Pre-doctoral, intern, and co-op student program oversight
    Scientific Interests: Galactic and extragalactic star formation, astrochemistry, molecular spectroscopy of comets (ADS: Refereed Papers)

MehringerDavid2.jpgDavid Mehringer, Science Staff

    ALMA Support: image analysis algorithm development; Scientific Software Developer (CASA); NAASC Data Services Group
    Scientific Interests: Extraterrestrial bio-molecules; Star formation; H II regions; masers; Galactic Center studies; exoplanets (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Jen Donovan-MeyerJennifer Donovan Meyer, Science staff

ALMA Support: Data Reduction
    Scientific Interests: Galaxy evolution, early-type galaxies, extended disks, giant molecular clouds. (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Arielle.jpgArielle Moullet, Science Staff

    ALMA Support: ALMA data reduction
    Scientific Interests: Solar System bodies, in particular chemistry and dynamics of atmospheres (Io, Venus, Neptune), Kuiper Belt Object (ADS: Refereed Papers)

apeck.jpgAlison Peck, Science Staff

    ALMA Support: User Support Group, ALMA Deputy Project Scientist
    Scientific Interests: Accretion and feeding processes in AGN, circumnuclear tori, high redshift submillimeter galaxies, physical processes in interacting galaxies. Technical interests: Instrument commissioning and verification, mm/submm interferometry, astrometry, VLBI (ADS: Refereed Papers)

mark.rawlings.pngMark Rawlings, Science Staff

    Scientific Interests: Physical and chemical conditions of the interstellar and circumstellar media (ADS: Refereed Papers)

RemijanTony.jpgAnthony Remijan, Science Staff

    ALMA Support: Extension and Optimization of Capabilities Program Scientist, Splatalogue (www.splatalogue.net)

    Scientific Interests: Astrochemistry, astrobiology, physical and chemical conditions of the interstellar, circumstellar, and cometary media (ADS: Refereed Papers)

SimonRichard2819.jpgRichard Simon, Science staff

    ALMA Support: ALMA Project Planning
    Scientific interests: Searching for Extrasolar Planets (ADS: Refereed Papers)

Catarina.jpgCatarina Ubach, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group

lyndele.jpgLyndele von Schill, Staff

    NAASC and ALMA Project Office administrative support


sarah.jpegSarah Wood, Staff

    ALMA Support: Data Services Group, Data reduction specialist


WoottenAl.jpgAl Wootten, Science staff

    ALMA Support: NRAO Assistant Director & North American ALMA Project Scientist
    Scientific Interests: Star formation, structure and chemistry of the interstellar medium in galaxies, circumstellar material (ADS: Refereed Papers)