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NA ALMA 2014 Study Proposals

by Lyndele von Schill last modified Aug 08, 2013

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) invites interested parties in the North American ALMA partnership to submit proposals for "Development Upgrades of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)."

Questions about this Call for Proposals

Questions related to this Call for Proposals should be submitted via an ALMA Helpdesk ticket [Knowledgebase: Development Program].

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is available, and will be updated as questions are received.

STUDY Proposal Documents


Submitting Notice of Intent (NOI)

Submit NOI at: https://science.nrao.edu/php/alma/alma-development-2014/alma_dev_noi.php

Submitting the Study Proposal

Details regarding the Call for STUDY Proposals can be found in the following documents:

Study Proposal Documents
Call for Study Proposals Cover Letter
Call for Study Proposals PDF
Conditions Governing the Call for Study Proposals PDF
Study Proposal Form Template
PDF Word
Study Plan Template PDF Word
NRAO Staff Only: Study Plan Template PDF Word

More Supporting Documents at the Bottom of this Page

Call for STUDY Proposal Schedule

Release of Call for Study Proposals 2013 May 01 Section 1.1
Information Meeting 2013 May 10 Section 1.3
Notice of Intent 2013 May 17 Section 1.4
Deadline for Proposer's Questions 2013 May 31 Section 1.3
Closing Date 2013 July 12 Section 1.5
Notification of Awards 2013 August 30 Section 4.3
Validity Date of Proposals 2013 September 27 Section 1.7
Study Completion Date 2014 September 30 Section 1.1

STUDY Important Dates

STUDY Proposals received by 5:00pm ET, 12 July 2013, will receive full consideration.  Multiple proposals may be submitted by individual organizations and institutions.  Each proposal, however, must comply fully with all of the applicable requirements, including content and submission by the deadline.

Supporting Documents & Links

ALMA Standards
Document No.
ALMA Product Assurance Requirements
ALMA Quality Management Systems
ALMA SpecificationsDocument No.
ALMA System Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements ALMA- PDF
ALMA Environmental Specifications
ALMA ProceduresDocument No.
ALMA Design Reviews - Definitions, Guidelines and Procedures ALMA- PDF
ALMA Product Tree ALMA- PDF
ALMA Documents from Earlier Calls
Report from the ALMA Development Working Group November 3, 2008 PDF
ALMA Development Matrix Plan March, 2010 PDF
Principles for the ALMA Development Program July, 2011 PDF
ALMA in the Coming Decade, Development Workshop
April 18, 2013 Link
ALMA Software Development Workshop October, 2011 Link

Post-Award Documents

Post-award DocumentsDocument No. or Date
FFATA Subrecipient Profile Questionnaire PDF
Subrecipient Agreement PDF
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement PDF
Representations & Certifications