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ALMA in the Coming Decade Program

ALMA in the Coming Decade Program

NRAO Auditorium
520 Edgemont Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia

March 21

Time Topic Speaker
09:00 Welcome F. Lo
09:15 Quick introduction of EU, EA and Chilean participants
09:15 Status of ALMA A. Wootten (NA Proj Scientist)
09:40 Overview of ALMA international development program M. McKinnon (NA Construction Proj Mgr)
10:00 Summary of European development studies L. Testi (European Proj Scientist)
10:15 Summary of East Asian development studies M. Saito (East Asian Proj Scientist)
10:30 coffee break
10:45 Presentation of Draft NA Proposal Management Plan:
o Proposal requirements
o External review process
M. McKinnon/J. Hibbard
11:00 Science at Band 1 D. Johnstone
11:25 Science at Band 2 D. Frayer/R. Friesen
11:50 Science with VLBI J. Webber
12:15 Lunch
13:15 ALMA/GBT Development Synergies J. Lockman
13:30 Advanced Calibration and Imaging J. Kern
14:00 Data Reduction and Access to Raw and Processed Data R. Redman

Open Forum for Short Presentations

14:10 Band 1 C. Cunningham/S. Claude
14:30 Current Status of HEMT LNAs for ALMA Bands 1,2, and 3 Detectors E. Bryerton/M. Pospieszalski
14:50 The U. Chile MM-Wave Laboratory N. Reyes
15:00 Future Plans of SMA E. Tong
15:15 Future Plans of CARMA L. Mundy
15:30 coffee break
16:00 Measurements of Low noise amplifiers in the 150 GHz range P. Voll / S. Church (Stanford), L. Samoksa (JPL) video
16:30 Science at Band 10 and above T. Hunter
16:40 High Frequency/THz Opportunities A. Kerr/A. Lichtenberger
17:30 Discussion/Adjourn

March 22

08:30 Tour of NRAO Technology Center facilities
10:00 coffee break at ER
10:30 ALMA Photonics Developments B. Shillue
11:00 Power Opportunities R. Prestage
11:20 Feedback on Management Plan and Open Forum
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Open Forum
15:00 Summary and Wrap-up
15:30 Adjourn