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List of highest priority projects selected for ALMA Early Science

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Oct 06, 2011
Proposal IDPI NameExecCountryTitle
2011.0.00645.S Aalto, Susanne EU Sweden Winds of change? - probing the nuclear activity and outflow of the FIR-excess galaxy NGC1377
2011.0.00497.S Abraham, Zulema EU Brazil Eta Carinae: Continuum and H and He recombination lines
2011.0.00150.S Akeson, Rachel NA United States Testing planet and star formation in binary systems
2011.0.00511.S Alatalo, Katherine NA United States Mapping Shock Chemistry in NGC 1266: Local Example of AGN-driven Feedback
2011.0.00084.S Andrews, Sean NA United States The V4046 Sgr Disk: A Benchmark for Planetesimal Evolution
2011.0.00017.S Belloche, Arnaud EU Germany Expanding the frontiers of chemical complexity with ALMA
2011.0.00172.S Bolatto, Alberto NA United States The Life Cycle of the Molecular Gas in the Nearest Nuclear Starburst: GMCs, Molecular Superwind, and Feedback
2011.0.00191.S Boley, Aaron NA United States Constraining the Formation Mechanisms of Wide-Orbit Planets: The Case of Fomalhaut b
2011.0.00524.S Bronfman, Leonardo CL Chile Resolving the massive molecular outflow G331.5
2011.0.00223.S Bujarrabal, Valentin EU Spain The rotating equatorial disk in the Red Rectangle
2011.0.00470.S Carpenter, John NA United States Structure of the Debris Disk around the Solar Analog HD 107146
2011.0.00526.S Carpenter, John NA United States A Survey of Circumstellar Disks around Low-mass stars in the Upper Scorpius OB Association
2011.0.00465.S Casassus, Simon CL Chile Warm gas in the HD142527 planet-forming disk
2011.0.00120.S Caselli, Paola EU United Kingdom The earliest stages of star and planet formation
2011.0.00808.S Cavalié, Thibault EU France Probing the vertical structure of Saturn's storm with ALMA
2011.0.00229.S Cernicharo, Jose EU Spain A STUDY OF THE DUST FORMATION ZONE IN IRC+10216
2011.0.00275.S Cesaroni, Riccardo EU Italy Dissecting disks around B-type (proto)stars
2011.0.00320.S Chapillon, Edwige EA/NA Taiwan Dispersal of protoplanetary disks: study of suspected gas-poor dusty-rich sources
2011.0.00629.S Chapillon, Edwige EA/NA Taiwan CN excitation in T-Tauri disks: a challenge to protoplanetary disks models
2011.0.00750.S Chini, Rolf CL Chile The largest circumstellar disk - Birth of a high-mass star through accretion?
2011.0.00647.S Codella, Claudio EU Italy The origin of molecular jets: new clues from CO and SiO in HH212
2011.0.00208.S Combes, Francoise EU France Feeding and feedback in two nearby Seyfert galaxies
2011.0.00820.S Costagliola, Francesco EU Sweden A 170 GHz-wide Complete Spectral Scan of an IR-pumped, Luminous Infrared Galaxy
2011.0.00124.S De Breuck, Carlos EU ESO Spatially extended [CII] in a z=4.8 SMG
2011.0.00277.S Decin, Leen EU Belgium The mystery of water vapor in IRC+10216
2011.0.00754.S Doi, Akihiro EA Japan The Sombrero galaxy with a very massive black hole at extreme sub-Eddington rate
2011.0.00961.S Drahus, Michal NA United States A Close-up Look at Comet Elenin
2011.0.00059.S Dutrey, Anne EU France GG Tau: the Ringworld revisited by ALMA
2011.0.00130.S Ellis, Richard NA United States Spectroscopy of a normal star-forming galaxy at z=2 with 300 parsec resolution: physical conditions in the cold ISM at high redshift
2011.0.00136.S Encrenaz, Therese EU France Sulfur and water mapping in the mesosphere of Venus
2011.0.00887.S Falcke, Heino EU Netherlands Monitoring fast variations of event-horizon scale gas in Sgr A* with frequency switching
2011.0.00851.S Farihi, Jay EU United Kingdom The Origin of the Destroyed Minor Planet at G29-38: a Main Belt or Kuiper Belt Analog?
2011.0.00747.S Ferkinhoff, Carl NA United States Mapping the [NII] 122 micron line in high-z galaxies.
2011.0.00396.S Friesen, Rachel NA United States Using the first inteferometer H2D+ observations to constrain clustered star-forming core structure
2011.0.00318.S Fukagawa, Misato EA Japan Probing Dust and Gas within the Gap of the Protoplanetary Disk around HD 142527
2011.0.00419.S Garay, Guido CL Chile First images of a protoplanetary disk around a very massive protostar
2011.0.00083.S Garcia-Burillo, Santiago EU Spain The footprints of SF and AGN activity in NGC1068: a case study for ALMA
2011.0.00652.S Greene, Jenny NA United States Deciphering black hole feedback: molecular outflow in an obscured quasar
2011.0.00351.S Guzman, Andres Ernesto CL Chile First detection of Hydrogen recombination lines toward an ionized jet arising from a high-mass protostar
2011.0.00772.S Hirota, Akihiko EA Japan Giant Molecular Cloud Survey Toward bar and arm of the nearby Galaxy M83
2011.0.00199.S Hirota, Tomoya EA Japan Bursting Water Maser Feature in Orion KL
2011.0.00235.S Ho, Paul EA/NA Taiwan Does the Neutral Material Survive to within 0.1 parsec of the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole?
2011.0.00921.S Huelamo, Nuria EU Spain Physical conditions for planet formation: the case of T Cha
2011.0.00039.S Hunt, Leslie EU Italy The ALMA view of the cool dust in an extreme low-metallicity starburst
2011.0.00020.S Imanishi, Masatoshi EA Japan Molecular line flux ratios and AGN feedback in gas/dust-rich galaxies
2011.0.00273.S Indebetouw, Remy NA United States SN87A: A Unique Laboratory for Shock and Dust Physics
2011.0.00471.S Indebetouw, Remy NA United States 30 Doradus: Dense Gas in the Nearest Super-Star Cluster
2011.0.00099.S Iono, Daisuke EA Japan Reformation of Cold Molecular Disks in Merger Remnants
2011.0.00467.S Iono, Daisuke EA Japan Dense Gas and Starburst/AGN Activities in the Late-stage IR-Bright Merger VV114
2011.0.00469.S Jordan, Andres CL Chile The cold debris disk in the unique planetary system around HR 8799
2011.0.00628.S Jorgensen, Jes EU Denmark Disks and complex organics in the inner regions of low-mass protostars
2011.0.00525.S Kazushi, Sakamoto EA/NA Taiwan Imaging the Most Luminous Galaxy within z=0.01
2011.0.00108.S Kohno, Kotaro EA Japan X-ray irradiated dense molecular medium in the active nucleus of NGC 1097
2011.0.00780.S Kospal, Agnes EU Netherlands The origin of molecular gas in the oldest gaseous debris disk system HD 21997
2011.0.00122.S Lee, Chin-Fei EA/NA Taiwan Rotation and Proper Motion of Protostellar Jets
2011.0.00735.S Lim, Jeremy EA/NA Taiwan Molecular Gasdynamics in the Central Elliptical Galaxy of the NGC 5044 Cool-Core Group
2011.0.00399.S Lin, Shin-Yi NA United States High Resolution Spatial-Kinematic Structures of the TW Hya Disk
2011.0.00397.S Lonsdale, Carol NA United States The most luminous heavily obscured, radio-intermediate, QSOs and the role of radio feedback in black hole and spheroid evolution
2011.0.00131.S Maercker, Matthias EU ESO Piecing the shell together: ALMA and the detached shell around R Scl
2011.0.00028.S Mann, Rita NA Canada The Effect of Extreme Environment on Protoplanetary Disks in Orion
2011.0.00367.S Mardones, Diego CL Chile Outflow Entrainment in HH 46/47
2011.0.00958.S Marrone, Dan NA United States Imaging the Brightest Starbursts in the Universe
2011.0.00374.S McNamara, Brian NA Canada Molecular Gas and Feedback in the Cores of Galaxy Clusters
2011.0.00727.S Moreno, Raphael EU France Mapping the nitrile chemistry and dynamics of Titan's thermosphere
2011.0.00779.S Moullet, Arielle NA United States Characterizing Io's atmospheric composition and circulation
2011.0.00405.S Muller, Sebastien EU Sweden A survey of strong absorption lines at z=0.89 toward PKS1830-211
2011.0.00902.S Murillo, Nadia EA/NA Taiwan VLA1623B: a First Core candidate?
2011.0.00268.S Nagao, Tohru EA Japan Metallicity of a Submillimeter Galaxy at z=5
2011.0.00454.S Nagar, Neil CL Chile (Why) Is CenA a source of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: Shock acceleration, jet and UHECR composition
2011.0.00221.S Nozawa, Takaya EA Japan Detecting Cool Dust in SN 1987A
2011.0.00210.S Ohashi, Nagayoshi EA/NA Taiwan Probing Formation of Keplerian Disks around Protostars
2011.0.00648.S Ohta, Kouji EA Japan Molecular gas/dust and gas metallicity in star-forming galaxies at z~1.4
2011.0.00611.S Onishi, Toshikazu EA Japan Detecting high-density compact outflow from the youngest YSO in Taurus
2011.0.00476.S Orellana, Gonzalez CL Chile Directly Probing Physical Processes in a H-ATLAS Selected lensed bright IR Galaxy at z~1
2011.0.00767.S Ota, Kazuaki EA Japan The [CII] Line Study of a Star-forming Galaxy in the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization
2011.0.00010.S Ott, Juergen NA United States The Physics and Chemisty of Gas in Centaurus A and its Host
2011.0.00115.S Ouchi, Masami EA Japan Demonstrating Early ALMA Capabilities with the Extremely Luminous Giant Starburst `Himiko' Discovered at the Redshift Frontier
2011.0.00474.S Peretto, Nicolas EU France Where do massive stars get their mass from ?
2011.0.00724.S Perez, Laura NA United States The origin of transitional disks: grain growth or dynamical clearing by planets?
2011.0.00340.S Qi, Chunhua NA United States Searching for H2D+ in the disk of TW Hya
2011.0.00403.S Rangwala, Naseem NA United States Mapping the Distribution of Warm Molecular Gas in Arp 220
2011.0.00217.S Rathborne, Jill OTHER Australia Globular cluster formation: caught in the act
2011.0.00259.S Ricci, Luca EU ESO Testing the models for the inital steps toward planet formation: the evolution of solids in brown dwarfs disks
2011.0.00319.S Richard, Johan EU France Low luminosity millimeter survey behind a strong lensing cluster
2011.0.00064.S Riechers, Dominik NA United States Clustered Massive Galaxy Formation around a z=5.3 Submillimeter Galaxy
2011.0.00539.S Riechers, Dominik NA United States Lensing Properties of the Brightest Herschel-Selected Submillimeter Galaxies
2011.0.00408.S Rodriguez, David CL Chile Resolving a Cool, Compact Disk Around a Nearby, Late-Type Star
2011.0.00510.S Sahai, Raghvendra NA United States Probing the Molecular Outflows of the Coldest Known Object in the Universe: The Boomerang Nebula
2011.0.00604.S Sakai, Nami EA Japan Tracing Evolution of Warm Carbon-Chain Chemistry in L1527
2011.0.00777.S Sakai, Nami EA Japan Imaging the Peculiar Carbon-Chain Chemistry of IRAS 15398-3359 in Lupus
2011.0.00656.S Sakai, Takeshi EA Japan Deuterium Fractionation in the IRDC clump G34.43+00.24 MM3
2011.0.00531.S Salyk, Colette NA United States Discovery and characterization of disk winds from a newly discovered class of protoplanetary disks
2011.0.00733.S Schreiber, Matthias CL Chile Towards a global understanding of circumstellar disk evolution
2011.0.00097.S Scoville, Nick NA United States Evolution of the ISM Contents of Massive Galaxies z = 2.2 to 0.3
2011.0.00175.S Scoville, Nick NA United States Merging IR-Luminous Galaxies -- Arp 220 and NGC 6240
2011.0.00294.S Smail, Ian EU United Kingdom More than LESS: The first fully-identified submillimetre survey
2011.0.00742.S Stacey, Gordon NA United States ALMA Imaging of the Star Formation Process at the Historic Peak
2011.0.00612.S Stierwalt, Sabrina NA United States An Off-Nuclear Starburst in the Luminous IR Galaxy IIZw96
2011.0.00061.S Takano, Shuro EA Japan Imaging study of molecules in the nearby galaxies NGC 1068 and NGC 253: Effects of active galactic nucleus and starburst on the shock/dust related molecules SO, HNCO, CH3OH, and CH3CN
2011.0.00236.S Tan, Jonathan NA United States The Dynamics of Massive Starless Cores
2011.0.00768.S Usero, Antonio EU Spain Star formation rates enhanced by dynamical effects: the extreme starburst in NGC1614
2011.0.00635.S van Dishoeck, Ewine EU Netherlands Do dust holes in transitional disks still contain cold gas?
2011.0.00863.S Walsh, Catherine EU United Kingdom Tracing the Dust Destruction Zone in Protoplanetary Disks via SiO Rotational Line Emission
2011.0.00206.S Wang, Ran NA United States Dust continum and [C II] line emission from quasar host galaxies at z~6
2011.0.00101.S Wang, Wei-Hao EA/NA Taiwan Shedding Light on Distant Starburst Galaxies Hosting Gamma-ray Bursts
2011.0.00363.S Webb, Tracy NA Canada The ISM in a z = 2 Normal Galaxy on Sub-kpc Scales
2011.0.00307.S Weiss, Axel EU Germany Tracing the dense, star forming gas and AGN feedback in z=2-4 galaxies via the shape of the CO line SED.
2011.0.00957.S Weiss, Axel EU Germany The ALMA-SPT Redshift Survey
2011.0.00876.S Whitmore, Brad NA United States The Antennae: A Luminous Stellar Nursery
2011.0.00142.S Wilner, David NA United States Imaging the Birth Ring of the AU Mic Debris Disk
2011.0.00133.S Woitke, Peter EU Austria Can old protoplanetary disks be as tiny as 10AU?
2011.0.00182.S Xu, C. Kevin NA United States ALMA Exploration of Nuclear Regions of Nearby LIRGs -- Warm Molecular Gas Distribution Down to 100 pc