Poster Presentations

by Robin Mason last modified Aug 19, 2014 by Dong-Chan Kim
TitlePresenter PDF
First results from the Australia SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) CSIRO Astronomy Space Science
The Australia Telescope Compact Array Broad-band Backend CSIRO Astronomy Space Science
Near-Infrared Line Emission in the Nuclei of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in GOALS Borish
Tracing the galaxy evolution with void galaxies Constantin pdf
The Ultraviolet Hubble Ultra Deep Field: Diversity in Clumpy Galaxies
de Mello
The Star Formation in Radio Survey: 33GHz Continuum Imaging and Initial Spectral Index Mapping Dong
GBT 3mm Observations in the ALMA Era Frayer
NGC 3367: SBc @ 43.6 Mpc Garcia-Barreto pdf
Anti-hierarchical galaxy evolution at z < 1
Radial Color and Mass Profile Trends of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies Herrmann pdf
The Low Metallicity ISM in the Small Magellanic Cloud at High Resolution Jameson
The Little Galaxy that Could Johnson
Serendipitous sources in deep ALMA archival data Lacy
Carbon Monoxide Intensity Mapping in the Epoch of Galaxy Assembly Li
A multi-wavelength analysis of the star formation region RCW116b as a laboratory for high redshift studies Nilo Castellon
A New SFR Calibration from the PAH Emission Features and Applications to the AGN Star-Formation Connection Shipley
The ZFOURGE survey a significant population of massive dusty star-forming galaxies at redshifts z=3-4 Spitler
The Fueling Diagram: Linking Galaxy H2/HI Ratios and Bulge Disk Assembly to Interactions and Accretion Stark pdf
Dusty Starbursts within a z=3 Large Scale Structure
Measuring Galaxy Clustering and the Evolution of [CII] Mean Intensity with Far-IR Line Intensity Mapping During 0.5 < z < 1.5 Uzgil
Halo Mass Effect on the HI Gas Content of Galaxies in Groups and Clusters Yoon pdf
Burst and Quench? The Life Story of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Young