Presentation Instructions

by Robin Mason last modified Jul 22, 2014 by kransom

NRAO will be providing local A/V operations support for the 2014 "ALMA: Multi-wavelength Studies of Galaxy Evolution" conference.

Note the following important changes from previous conferences:

The screen format for this year's conference will be 16:10 wide-screen unlike previous years. If possible, please adjust your presentation format for wide-screen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels.

This year, all speakers will be expected to present from their own laptops. Presenters will be given a connection to the auditorium's projection and sound system. The preferred connection this year will be HDMI; VGA will be supported, but picture quality will not be guaranteed. Adapters will be provided for Mac mini-DisplayPort connections.


Instructions for Speakers

Speakers MUST bring their laptops to the video operator's table (located at the front of the conference room) during the talk immediately prior to their scheduled time slot. All speakers will be outfitted with a wireless lavalier microphone for sound amplification.

Speakers may wish to pay special attention to their clothing to ensure that the A/V staff
has a place to attach the microphone so that it is not off to one side of the body. Speakers will be provided with a handheld remote for advancing through their presentation; this remote also includes a high-quality green laser pointer.

Audio playback through the P.A. system will be available via a 3.5mm audio cable or HDMI audio output. Speakers who include audio in their presentation should notify the A/V staff of this as soon as possible.

The conference room will be equipped with a pair of monitors on the floor in front of the presentation area. These monitors will present a mirror of the projection screen (a "confidence monitor") and a timer which will count down the time available for each presentation. Please use this timer display as a guide to keep your talk within it's
scheduled time slot.

Internet access will be available via an un-encrypted wi-fi connection in the auditorium. Limited table seating with power will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is strongly advised that presenters have a PDF copy of their slide show and all associated files on a USB flash drive for use in case their laptop malfunctions or is unable to connect to the projector for some reason.

Poster Presentations:

All poster presentations should be no larger than 4'x3' and vertical in orientation. They should be printed before you arrive. T-pins will be provided for hanging. The poster room will be open during registration Sunday evening and throughout the day on Monday. Attendees are encouraged to view posters during any or all of the following breaks beginning with lunch on Monday. Poster presenters will have the opportunity to present a 1 minute /1 slide introduction to their poster during the sessions. All posters must be removed by the end of lunch on Thursday.