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NRAO Community Day at the GSFC

NRAO Community Day at the GSFC


Date: Monday, October 28-29, 2013
Time: 9AM - 5PM
Location: Building 34, Room W120 A/B at GSFC, MD

Important Note: In order for us to get NASA badges for participants from other institutions, non-US citizens need to register by September 23 and US citizens and green-card holders by Oct 14.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) cordially invites you to a NRAO Community Event at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. This event is designed for all astronomers, and in particular for those who do not regularly utilize radio data in their research. The workshop will be two days long. On the first day we will provide an overview of the NRAO facilities, have a brief discussion of mm interferometry and CASA and an overview of the proposal preparation and submission processes. In the afternoon there will be a hands on session to prepare proposals for the upcoming ALMA Cycle 2 deadline. On the second day we will dive into interferometric data taken with ALMA or JVLA and use CASA to reduce and analyze the data. Lunch will be provided for registered participants.

-Kartik Sheth & Stefanie Milam (organizers)