9:00-9:15       Workshop welcome and logistics
9:15-9:35       ALMA overview and science highlights (slides)
9:35-10:35     Interferometry basics and imaging in CASA (slides)
10:35-10:50   Break
10:50-11:20   Proposal preparation overview (slides)
11:20-11:30   Setup for science talks
11:30-12:00   Virtual guest science highlight talk: Kuo Liu - how to use ALMA to study pulsars and FRBs (25+5) (slides)
12:00-12:10  Science highlight talk: Loren Anderson, ALMA and star formation (5+5)
12:10-1:00     Lunch (provided by NRAO)
1:00-1:30       Proposal reveiw: distributed peer review & dual anonymous (slides)
1:30-1:45       Using the ALMA archive (slides)
1:45-2:15       ALMA Cycle 10 Capabilities (slides)
2:15-3:15       Intro to ALMA Observing Tool (OT) and demo of OT (slides)
3:15-3:30       Exit Survey, Q/A
3:30-3:45       Break
3:45-5:00       Proposal preparation by participants (one-on-one proposal
consultation available)
5:00               Adjourn