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Directions to NRAO Headquarters at 520 Edgemont Road

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Jun 09, 2011

Directions to NRAO Headquarters at 520 Edgemont Road

From the Washington, DC area:

  • If coming from Dulles International Airport (IAD), proceed to the exit towards Washington, and be prepared to take the exit for US Route 28 south and Centerville. Then proceed about 6 miles until you see the signs for Interstate 66; take I-66 west towards Front Royal.
  • If coming from the Beltway, proceed to I-66 West. NOTE: there are two exits for Rt. 29, you want the second one for Gainesville.
  • On I-66, proceed for about 12 miles to 29 South at exit 43A (Gainsville/Warrenton). This can be a confusing exit as it is labeled 43A & 43B, but there is a single exit that splits to be 43A & 43B with the second one being 43A). Rt. 29 south.
  • Continue with the next section ("From the North via US Route 29").
From the North via US Route 29:
  • Proceed on Rt. 29 past Warrenton and Culpeper (about 2 hours drive). Warning! This section of road is often rigorously patrolled by police, and they will give speeders a ticket.
  • The density of shopping centers and traffic lights (and the number of lanes) increases as you get close to Charlottesville. You will pass two major intersections (Rio Road [pronounced rye-oh; don't ask why!] and Hydraulic Road). Keep going straight on Rt. 29.
  • After passing a K-Mart on the left and an Exxon gasoline station on the right (near Hydraulic Rd), you will see an overpass with exits for US 250 West, Rt. 29 South and US 250 East. Do NOT take these exits; instead, continue straight ahead on what is now Business Rt. 29.
  • You will pass another intersection (Barracks Rd.), and a shopping center on the right (with a McDonalds, Burger King, Bed Bath and Beyond, Harris Teeter, and Taco Bell). You will see university housing on the left, and a large stadium-like building on the right (under construction as of February 2006). Rt. 29 is now called "Emmet Street".
  • After you pass under a stone railroad bridge, you come to a traffic light, where there is a motel (the Cavalier Inn) on your right, and a gas station on your left. Turn right here onto Ivy Road (and note that the street is called University Avenue to the left).
  • Proceed past a parking garage (on your right) and turn left at the second traffic light; this is just past a 7-11 also on the right, and there are banks on both corners. You are now on Alderman Road.
  • Drive to the next traffic light (past a modern church and the "physical plant services", both on the right).
  • Turn right onto McCormick Road. The UVa Astronomy department is now directly on your right.
  • At the first stop sign, turn right again onto Edgemont Rd; there will be dormitory buildings on your left, and the Slaughter recreation center in front of you.
  • Proceed past a small recycling center on the right, around a couple of bends in the road, and turn right into the first NRAO parking lot; it's clearly marked with a sign. Visitor parking is on the left; if this is full, veer right instead to the staff parking area.
From the Northwest via I-81:
  • Proceed south towards Staunton and Roanoke.
  • Take the exit I-64 EAST towards Charlottesville.
  • After passing over the Afton Mountain pass (note: this section of highway is notorious for thick fog; slow down if such conditions arise!), proceed to exit 118; this is a cloverleaf exit, so take the second off-ramp towards Charlottesville.
  • Immediately after getting past this interchange, get in the right land for the Fontaine Avenue (Business Rt. 29) exit.
  • The off-ramp splits into three lanes; stay in the middle one. It turns onto Fontaine avenue and you have your own lane (no merge needed).
  • As soon as it's safe, change into the left lane (before the traffic signal; the others must turn right).
  • Proceed straight through the first traffic signal and turn left at the second traffic light.
  • Go through the stop sign, past Scott Stadium on the right, and take a left turn at the first traffic light.
  • You are now on McCormick Road; proceed with the last three instructions from the "From the North via US Route 29" list above.
From the East (Richmond):
  • Proceed west on I-64 to exit 118B; this is a cloverleaf intersection and you want the first exit, onto Rt. 29 North towards Charlottesville.
  • Stay in the rightmost lane (do not merge!) as this exits immediately onto Fontaine Avenue (Business Rt. 29).
  • Proceed with the fifth instruction above "From the Northwest via I-81".
From Green Bank, WV:
  • Take route 92/28 south about 6 miles, then follow 92 as it splits off to the left.
  • At Frost, WV, turn left, taking route 84 east to US 220.
  • At US 220, turn left heading north to Monterey, VA.
  • At Monterey, turn right taking US 250 east.
  • Approaching Staunton, turn left on VA 275 (Woodrow Wilson Parkway) east
  • Take the exit onto I-81 south
  • Take the Charlottesville / I-64 east exit
  • Use the "From the Northwest via I-81" instructions starting at the third bullet.
From Charlottesville/Albemarle Airport (CHO): Exit the Charlottesville airport to Rt. 29, and turn right onto Rt. 29 South. Follow the directions "From the North via US Route 29" as described above.

From Richmond International Airport (RIC): This is about a 1.3 hour drive. Exit the airport and follow signs to I-64 West. You soon pass through Richmond and I-95 merges with I-64. About 5 miles after that occurs, take the exit for I-64 West. Then continue with instructions above "From the East (Richmond).