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Approved DDT Proposals

by Davis Murphy last modified Dec 27, 2018 by Heidi Medlin

The table below lists proposals approved for Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) on the VLA and VLBA. The following is provided for each approved proposal: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, date approved, maximum hours approved, and proprietary period in months.

Refer to the Past Approved DDT Proposals page, to view DDT submissions since 1 July 2013.

For an approved DDT proposal, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and approved hours.





Proprietary Months

John Ruan

VLA/18B-393 Witnessing the birth of a radio jet in a rapidly-fading changing-look quasar 12/21/2018 2.0 6

Adam Deller

VLBA/18B-390 Improved Astrometry of the Recently Reactivated Magnetar XTE J1810-197 12/19/2018 10.0 6

Hsiu-Hsien Lin

VLBA./18B-382 Milliarcsecond Localization of a CHIME-Discovered Repeating Fast Radio Burst 12/11/2018 15.0 6

Rick Perley

VLBA/18B-379 VLBA Imaging of the Serendipitous Transient in Cygnus A 12/04/2018 12.0 6

Tanmoy Laskar

VLA/18B-373 Observations of the nearby, low-energy GRB 171205A: A once in a decade event 11/16/2018 1.0 6
Scott Hyman VLA/18B-369 Searching for Polarized Emission from a MSP Candidate in the Galactic Center 11/08/2018 4.0 6
Tarraneh Eftekhari VLA/18B-366 A Joint Radio-Optical Search for the Host Galaxies of FRBs 11/05/2018 4.0 6
Frank Schinzel VLA/18B-362 TXS 0025+197 after brightening by two orders of magnitude in the optical 10/23/2018 3.1 2
Megan Lewis VLA/18B-352 Carbon-AGB stars at 43 GHz 09/26/2018 6.0 6
John McKean VLBA/18B-339 Confirming the First Detection of a Merging Binary SMBH in the Early Universe 08/21/2018 12.0 6
Henry Wootten VLA/18A-507 Proposal to Observe a Maser Flare in IRAS16293 08/10/2018 2.0 6
Michael Bietenholz VLBA/18A-505 Measuring the Size and Speed of AT2018cow's Outflow: Relativistic Expansion? 07/18/2018 12.0 6
Leonid Petrov VLBA/18A-504 Follow-up of 3C48  position change at 0.06 arcsec 07/13/2018 8.0 0
Andrew Burkhardt VLA/18A-502 What is the Distribution of Carbon Molecules in TMC-1? 08/10/2018 7.0 6
Matthew Middleton VLA/18A-498 DDT request for VLA coverage of Ho II X-1 07/06/2018 5.0 6
Gabriele Bruni VLBA/18A-499 Radio Follow-Up of the Fermi Transient J1544-0649: a Flaring Radio-Weak BL Lac 07/05/2018 6.8 6
Michael Bietenholz VLBA/18A-494 Search for a Relativistic Outflow in the Very Fast Rising Transient AT2018cow 06/26/2018 6.0 6
Anna Ho VLBA/18A-493 Confirmation of Superluminal Motion for Rare Relativistic Supernova AT2018cow 06/25/2018 12.0 6
Michael Busch VLA/18A-489 L-Band Observations of a Large Martian Dust Storm 06/07/2018 1.0 6
Peter Barthel VLA/18A-487 The nature of radio-quiet QSO PG1229+204 06/04/2018 0.5 6
Dillon Dong VLA/18A-481 Broadband Characterization of VLASS 1.1 Transients 05/22/2018 7.5 6
Gregory Sivakoff VLA/18A-480 Does CXOU J173324.6-332321 (Liller 1 X-2) Contain a Neutron Star or Black Hole? 05/11/2018 0.75 6
Neeraj Gupta VLA/18A-479 Cold gas in an extremely powerful radio loud quasar at z~5.1 05/11/2018 0.75 6
Riccardo Cesaroni VLA/18A-477 Resolving the first ever radio outburst from a young massive star 05/08/2018 5.5 6
Adam Ginsburg VLA/18A-476 Emission mechanisms and accretion structures around HMYSOs in W51 05/04/2018 4.0 6
Enrico Congiu VLBA/18A-475 Young Jet and Old Radio Emission: Mrk 783, a Puzzling NLS1 04/27/2018 3.0 6
Jose Versteeg-Veltkamp VLA/18A-472 Zooming in on star formation in z > 1 AGN hosts 04/13/2018 1.0 6
Gregory Sivakoff VLA/18A-470 Constraining jet physics with multi-lambda variability studies: MAXI J1820+070 04/10/2018 6.0 6
Jessica Maldonado VLA/18A-467 Unveiling Supernova Progenitors Using Radio Supernova Remnants in M31 03/29/2018 9.0 6
Eileen Meyer VLBA/18A-465 Locating the VHE Emission Region in 3C264 with the VLBA 03/22/2018 4.0 6
Eileen Meyer VLA/18A-464 Locating the VHE emission region in 3C264 03/21/2018 0.67 6
Sarah Spolaor VLA/18A-462 Identifying the host of FRB 180309 03/15/2018 1.5 6
Jinyi Yang VLA/18A-461 Radio Continuum Emission from the Most Luminous Quasar Host at Reionization Era 03/14/2018 3.0 6
Alessandra Corsi VLA/18A-457 Continued radio monitoring of GW170817 with the JVLA 03/12/2018 17.5 6
Jakob van den Eijnden VLA/18A-456 Jet outflows from a magnetic propeller in an X-ray pulsar 03/08/2018 8.0 6
Kate Alexander VLA/18A-453 Radio Observations of a New X-ray TDE Candidate: Probing Outflow Formation 03/05/2018 2.0 6
Vikram Ravi VLA/18A-450 Is there persistent radio emission associated with the second localized FRB? 02/21/2018 1.0 6