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DDT Exploratory Time Proposals

Exploratory Proposals

DDT Exploratory Time proposals are normally for requests of small amounts of time, typically a few hours or less, in response to a recent discovery, possibly to facilitate future submission of a larger proposal. In general, there will not be a need for immediate scheduling with these proposals but, for example, they may need to be observed in the current VLA configuration rather than waiting 16 months.  The list of active triggered proposals can be consulted to determine whether there is an active conflicting proposal.

The possibility that a proposer forgets about or misses an NRAO proposal deadline, or just discovered that he/she was granted time for a particular source on some other telescope, will not constitute sufficient justification for granting observing time by this process. Thus, Exploratory Time proposals must include a clear description of why the proposal could not have been submitted for normal review at a previous NRAO proposal deadline, and why it should not wait for the next proposal deadline.

Exploratory Time proposals are evaluated on the basis of scientific merit by Observatory scientific staff. Those staff also assess the technical feasibility of the Exploratory Time proposals. Notification of the disposition of an Exploratory Time proposal normally will be within three weeks of receipt of the proposal; some of these proposals may be put in a queue such that they may or may not be observed. The proprietary period for data obtained by Exploratory Time proposals normally will be six months.

In the PST, select a proposal type of Director's Discretionary Time and then select Exploratory TIme.