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Active Triggered Proposals for the VLA

by Dana Balser last modified Nov 03, 2017 by Heidi Medlin
VLA Triggered Proposals
Exp.Prop IDPIDescription
2/18 16A-129 Horesh Understanding the mysterious nature of ultra-long GRBs
9/17 16A-318 Linford Imaging Shocks in Classical Novae
9/17 16B-016 Molnar A Contact Binary about to Merge: triggered observations of a red nova outburst
9/17 16B-044 Corsi Discovering GBM GRB Afterglows with iPTF+VLA
2/18 16B-069 Bannister JVLA monitoring of an in-progress extreme scattering event
9/17 16B-209 Stockdale ToO Observations of Core Collapse Supernovae (Type IIL/IIP/IIb/II)


16B-318 Alexander Radio Observations of TDEs: The Production and Properties of Jets and Outflows
9/17 16B-367 Miller-Jones Radio and X-ray monitoring of the hard state of Cyg X-1 over a full binary orbit
1/18 17A-218 Fong Uncovering the Explosion Properties of Short Gamma-ray Bursts with the VLA
1/18 17A-220 Miller-Jones Probing transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes
1/18 17A-231 Alexander VLA Follow-Up of DECam Optical Counterparts to ALV Gravitational Wave Events
1/18 17A-237 Corsi Radio follow-up of GWs during Advanced LIGO O3
1/18 17A-238 Margutti Mapping the Zoo of Engine Driven Explosions with Deep Radio Observations
8/17 17A-270 Jonker VLA observations of Gaia-discovered tidal disruption events
1/18 17A-374 Mooley Search of nearby galaxies in area of LIGO/Virgo trigger (JAGWAR)
1/18 17A-383 van Velzen Jet-disk coupling in a tidal disruption event
9/18 17B-225 Margutti Systematic Search for Relativistic Jets in Superluminous Supernovae
9/18 17B-229 Gompertz What happens when neutron stars merge
6/18 17B-257 Sivakoff Transient Neutron Star X-ray Binaries
1/18 17B-331 Jencson Missing Supernovae (infrared selected)
9/18 17B-352 Linford Shocks in Classical Novae