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Active Triggered Proposals for the VLA

by Dana Balser last modified May 31, 2018 by Heidi Medlin
VLA Triggered Proposals
Exp.Prop IDPIDescription
9/18 17B-225 Margutti Systematic Search for Relativistic Jets in Superluminous Supernovae
9/18 17B-229 Gompertz What happens when neutron stars merge
6/18 17B-257 Sivakoff Transient Neutron Star X-ray Binaries
9/18 17B-352 Linford Shocks in Classical Novae
1/19 18A-088 Laskar Gamma Ray Bursts:  Explosion Physics and Probes of Scintillation
1/19 18A-119 Margutti Mapping the Mass Loss History of Massive Stars just before Core Collapse
1/19 18A-123 Coppejans Radio Observations of Rapid, Luminous and Blue Stellar Explosions
9/18 18A-166 Corsi DLT40+VLA: A fast-forwarded view of the mass loss history of  Ib/c SN progenitors
1/19 18A-171 van Velzen Disk-jet coupling in tidal disruption events
1/19 18A-173 Horesh Detecting the Last Breath of a Dying Star
1/19 18A-176 Corsi A VLA+ZTF systematic quest for relativistic type BL-Ic supernovae
1/19 18A-194 Russel The radio/X-ray behavior of the neutron star X-ray binary 4U 1820-30
1/19 18A-211 Miller-Jones Probing transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes
1/19 18A-277 Plotkin Tracking the black hole disk/jet connection into quiescence
1/19 18A-373 van Velzen Systematic radio followup of stellar tidal disruption events
1/19 18A-374 Gusinskaia Mapping accretion states in transitional millisecond pulsars
1/19 18A-386 Chen Tracing energetic electrons in the solar corona with ultra-high time resolution
9/18 18A-418 Jencson In Search of the Missing Supernovae
10/19 18B-154 Margutti Mapping the Zoo of Engine Driven Explosions with Deep Radio Observations
01/19 18B-162 Chomiuk VLA Data on the Youngest SNe Ia Will Yield Unprecedented Progenitor Constraints
01/19 18B-206 Troja Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave events
10/19 18B-242 Perley Opening a New Window on The Relativistic Sky
01/19 18B-265 Sokoloski How Do Nova Eruptions Form Dust?
01/19 18B-272 Linford Rapid Radio Monitoring to Uncover Shocks in Classical Novae
01/19 18B-294 Jencson In Search of the Missing Supernovae
10/19 18B-316 Sivakoff Radio Spectral and Polarmetric Evolution of an Astrophysical Neutrino Source