Resources for NAC Alumni

by Lyndele von Schill last modified Jan 10, 2017

This page will collect documents and information intended to be of help to NAC Alumni.  If you have questions about this information, or would like to request additional information, please send an email to

Fee Waivers for NAC Alums

A number of universities offer graduate school application fee waivers to NAC alumni. This following list is not necessarily inclusive of all waivers. Please if you are applying to a graduate school that is not on this list.  We will provide you with a letter that may result in a fee waiver.

University of Arizona
  • In the UA graduate application, you will see the drop-down field "Sponsor/Program Affiliation." 
  • The National Astronomy Consortium (NAC) will be one of the affiliations listed in the drop down menu.  Applicants need to select it.
  • Applicants will receive an email directing them (or the Director of the program) to upload proof of participation in NAC.  Proof of affiliation is required before an application fee waiver can be approved.  SEND AN EMAIL TO ODI@NRAO.EDU to request the proof of affiliation letter.
  • Applicants should complete the entire application and upload all materials and any other supplemental information as appropriate; do not pay the application fee.
  • When the fee waiver eligibility is confirmed (via proof of affiliation) and the waiver is loaded into the on-line system, an email will be sent to the applicant to log back in to the graduate application and “submit” it (the application fee will reflect as “paid”). 
  • Waivers may take up to 7 days to process.