General Information

by Davis Murphy last modified Apr 23, 2015 by Robin Mason

Participants may sign for for either or both of the schools being offered.  Registration is $300 for both schools or $200 for the Single Dish School School alone and $150 for the Interferometry school alone.  Registration fee includes all meals and lodging (in the bunk house).  Social activities and private lodging are extra.

Size is limited to allow for full participation of all students.  Registration for the schools are underway and will continue until all slots are full, on a first come, first served basis.

All visitors should be aware that radio emissions from common devices such as cell phones, portable computers and other appliances can be detrimental to the on-going observations with the GBT. There are significant restrictions on the use of such devices on the NRAO property.

Note, too, that participants interested in taking a tour of the GBT as part of the single dish school program must bring a pair of closed-toe, flat bottom shoes.