by Karen ONeil last modified May 08, 2015

Directions and Ride Share

  • Directions to the Green Bank site from all nearby airports can be found at this link
  • Information on sharing rides to/from the airport can be found at this link


Site Information

  • Please be aware that you will be at a radio astronomy site, located within the National and West Virginia Radio Quiet Zones.  As a result the following restrictions apply:
    • There is no cell phone service within many miles of the telescope
    • No wireless devices of any kind are allowed on site
    • Digital cameras and all other digital devices may not be used except in the upper site (in the bunkhouses, etc)
    • (Wired) network access will be available to school participants during breaks and in the evening.  There is no wireless network on site.
  • All participants interested in taking the GBT tour need to be aware of the following restrictions:
    • Only footwear that completely covers your feet is permitted on the tour. Sandals, shoes with high heels, and open-toe shoes are prohibited.