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ALMA Data Reduction Workshop at the National Solar Observatory

NRAO Live! Event at the University of Wisconsin in Madison



Date: 19-20 October, 2023
Time: 10am-3pm (each day)
Location: National Solar Observatory, Boulder, CO

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and ALMA Ambassadors cordially invite you to an ALMA Data Processing Workshop with an emphasis on solar observations. This event is designed for all astronomers, from seasoned ALMA users to those who do not regularly utilize radio data in their research or have no radio background. We encourage participation from graduate students and junior postdocs, but we welcome astronomers at all levels of experience. The two-day workshop will provide an overview of ALMA interferometric data processing and analysis with a special emphasis on the challenges of solar imaging. Topics may include: imaging and self-calibration with CASA, the combination of interferometric and single-dish data, and data visualization with CARTA.

Registration is free, but we'd greatly appreciate it if you could sign up before October 12th so that we have an accurate count for lunches. In person attendance is encouraged but remote participation is possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the National Solar Observatory!
- Johnathan Stauffer (ALMA Ambassador)

All attendees are expected to abide by the NRAO Code of Conduct.