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Applications are open until Wednesday, February 21st.

This workshop is aimed at attendees with previous interferometric experience and who are interested in improving open-source, community-led software for interferometry. The workshop will focus on spatio-spectral modeling for wide-band interferometric data cubes and the tools/software to enable these analyses.

Participants will be selected based on:

1) Previous experience with developing or contributing to interferometric techniques and community initiatives. Preference will be given to applicants involved in active development of open-source projects.

   For student applicants, we understand that you may have less previous experience relative to other participants for this section. Instead, we request a description of a key challenge with your current/previous analysis of interferometric data sets and what tools you see are needed to mitigate this challenge.

2) Proposed workshop discussion topic or description of use case, with preference to those significantly enhanced or enabled by wide bandwidth capability.

For graduate students, a greater emphasis will be placed on the proposed discussion or science use case. There will be an equal participant distribution amongst career stages (graduate students, postdocs, and staff/faculty), across a range of key ALMA science areas.

Please email the organizers ( if you require an invitation letter for visa application to attend.


Career Level  

What is your primary area of science or technical expertise (select all that apply)?  
What describes your current interaction with analysis software?  
Topics or challenges to discuss   What topics or challenges do you want to discuss at the workshop? We will have unconference** sessions for attendees to propose and vote on discussion topics beyond those listed here. (**Unconference sessions are open discussion sessions with topics proposed and led by participants)
Financial support For early-career researchers (students and postdocs): We can provide some financial support, with first preference for students, though we may not be able to cover all expenses. Preference will be placed on support needed for workshop attendance. Would you require financial support to attend the workshop?

Demographic Information (optional) We want to make sure that our meetings are inclusive, welcoming, and representative of our community at large. To help us determine if these goals are met, we are asking for demographic data.