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Fall 2011 KFPA Observing - updated

by Toney Minter last modified Nov 08, 2012 expired
updated Oct 31, 2011

For the fall of 2011, the software for observing with the KFPA will be completed.  Observers should work with their assigned friend to change any old KFPA scripts to use the newly released configuration tool commands for the KFPA receiver.  These will make observing scripts much simpler.

Also note that before Oct 29, 2011, the balancing for KFPA pointing observations were not yet complete.  As a result you may see erroneously reported Tsys values for pointing scans.  These values should not be trusted as indication of what the true Tsys values are.  Any observer giving up observing time due to "bad Tsys values from KFPA pointing" without consultation with the GBT on-call support scientist will forfeit their observing time for that session.  This problem has now been corrected.