by Antonette Romero last modified Jan 15, 2014

NRAO/Socorro Colloquium Series

Sylvain Veilleux

University of Maryland

Powerful Atomic and Molecular Galactic Winds and Their Cosmological Implications

Galactic winds are the primary mechanism by which energy and metals are recycled in galaxies and are deposited into the intergalactic medium. New observations are revealing the ubiquity of this process, particularly at high redshift. I will describe the physics behind these winds, discuss the observational evidence for them in nearby star-forming and active galaxies and in the high-redshift universe, and consider the implications of energetic winds for the formation and evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium. In this context, I will highlight the recent discovery of powerful atomic and molecular winds in nearby galaxies and quantify the role of AGN/quasars in driving these winds.

January 31, 2014
11:00 am

Array Operations Center Auditorium

All NRAO employees are invited to attend via video, available in Charlottesville 245, Green Bank Auditorium,  Tucson N525, and NTC 400.

Local Host:  Claire Chandler