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VLA-DSOC Visiting Observer Feedback

The VLA-DSOC would like your feedback on the overall success of your recent trip to New Mexico. It is the purpose of this form to assess what problems, if any, our users and observers experience. Your constructive criticisms on our policies, procedures or shortcomings will be welcomed. These will help us prioritize improvements to the operations of the VLA and our visiting observer program based on your suggestions. Positive comments will also be welcomed.

For the VLBA, please use the VLBA-DSOC Visiting Observer Feedback form.

Date Visit Began  
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Type of Science Mark all that apply
Receiver Bands Mark all that apply
Data Reduction Package
Data Reduction and Analysis Mark all that apply
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Logistical Support (e.g., help with travel arrangements, reimbursements)
Computing Support (e.g., access to high-speed computing, ability to bring data home)
Science Support (e.g., help to reduce/analyze the data)
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Degree of success
Documents Mark the documents that you used during your visit

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Your comments will help us improve the experience for future visiting observers to the DSOC and NRAO.