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Workshops and Events

by Emmanuel Momjian last modified Nov 17, 2021 by Anna Kapinska


Events in 2022

9th VLA Data Reduction Workshop
October 11 - 20
18th Synthesis Imaging Workshop (in-person) May 25 - June 2
NRAO Community Webinar Series
Various dates

Events in 2021

8th VLA Data Reduction Workshop
March 15 - April 1
NRAO Community Day
January 8


Events from previous years

YearWorkshopsCommunity Days
2020 17th Synthesis Imaging Workshop

Virtual NRAO Community Day

NRAO Community Days at DRAO

NRAO Community Days at NAOJ

NRAO Community Days at U. Guanajuato


2019 7th VLA Data Reduction Workshop

NRAO Community Days at TTU

NRAO Community Days at UMBC

2018 16th Synthesis Imaging Workshop

NRAO/LBO Community Days at INAOE, Puebla, Mexico

NRAO/LBO Community Days at University of Toronto

NRAO/LBO Community Days at Caltech

2017 6th VLA Data Reduction Workshop

NRAO/GBO/LBO Community Days at Cornell

NRAO/LBO Community Days at UNAM-Morelia

NRAO/LBO Community Day at University of Michigan

2016 15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop 5th VLA Data Reduction Workshop
2014 14th Synthesis Imaging Workshop 4th VLA Data Reduction Workshop
2013 3rd VLA Data Reduction Workshop Universidad de Guanajuato / UNAM Morelia
2012 13th Synthesis Imaging Workshop 2nd VLA Data Reduction Workshop UC Berkeley
2011 1st VLA Data Reduction Worksop University of Maryland
2010 12th Synthesis Imaging Workshop
2008 11th Synthesis Imaging Workshop
2006 10th Synthesis Imaging Workshop
2004 9th Synthesis Imaging Workshop
2002 8th Synthesis Imaging Workshop
1998 6th Synthesis Imaging Workshop