Colloq Abstract -Requena Torres

by Hubertus Intema last modified Mar 07, 2017 by Lori Appel

March 31

11am Mountain

Miquel Requena Torres (UMD)

SOFIA's eye is watching the Galactic Center


During the last 7 years, SOFIA has been flying above our heads to try to catch those photons that will never arrive to our observatories on land. The stratospheric observatory has been upgraded already and is ready to get the next generation instrument HIRMES.

In my talk I will present all the new and old instruments on-board SOFIA, but the GREAT instrument will be the one in which I will focus more, as is the one I was serving during the last 6 years. The new 4GREAT will continue the upgrades that brought UpGREAT to the instrument.

During its life, SOFIA has been targeting the Galactic Center with not only GREAT, but with several of its instruments. I will review all the projects observed by the observatory and the new discoveries obtained.