Colloq Abstract -Sakai

by Hubertus Intema last modified Jan 03, 2017 by Lori Appel

Jan 6

11am Mountain


Nami Sakai (Riken)


Importance of Centrifugal Barrier in Physics and Chemistry of Disk Formation



Toward a thorough understanding of planet formation around low-mass protostars, one of the most important targets to be explored is formation of a Keplerian disk in the early stage of protostellar evolution. Furthermore, the physical process of the disk formation will significantly affect an initial chemical composition for a protoplanetary disk.  We have explored the kinematic structure of the gas associated with the Class 0/I protostar L1527 by using molecular lines of various species.  As a result, we have discovered a drastic chemical change at the centrifugal barrier probably due to the accretion shock.  Such a phenomenon has not been predicted so far in any chemical models, and its discovery provides us with a new insight into the physical and chemical processes associated with the disk formation.  In this seminar, I would like to introduce our recent progress of this study and its further application to various low-mass protostellar source.