by Antonette Romero last modified Feb 11, 2013

NRAO/Socorro Colloquium Series

Chiara Ferrari

OCA Nice

Galaxy Clusters: A Radio Continuum View

Deep radio observations of the sky have revealed the presence of diffuse radio sources in a few tens of known galaxy clusters. Their emission is not associated to single galaxies, but to the presence of intracluster relativistic particles and magnetic fields. One of the main open questions of modern astrophysics is to understand how this non-thermal intracluster component originates and if it affects the thermo-dynamical evolution of galaxy clusters. A deep understanding of the complex evolutionary physics of clusters is indeed essential if we want to exploit them as cosmological tools through ongoing and upcoming multi-wavelength surveys. For this, we need a detailed knowledge of the nature of all the different cluster components (galaxies, thermal and non-thermal intracluster medium - ICM) and of their mutual interactions. I will present some results of recent and on-going multi-wavelength analyses of galaxy clusters, aimed at characterizing the continuum radio emission from their galaxies and the ICM.

March 1, 2013
11:00 am

Array Operations Center Auditorium

All NRAO employees are invited to attend via video, available in Charlottesville Room 230, Green Bank Room 137 and Tucson N525.

Local Host: Jean Eilek