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Contributed Scripts

by mkrauss — last modified Feb 14, 2012

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Here you will find scripts which have been written specifically for processing and analyzing EVLA data. Note that there is no guarantee of success or support provided, although individual script authors may provide contact information. EVLA observers may also find these scripts useful as a starting point for writing their own. If you have one that you would like to contribute please contact Miriam Krauss (mkrauss at nrao.edu).


There are currently Python scriptstasks, and example scripts available, all of which need to be run within the CASA environment. The scripts and tasks are generally written to provide useful functionality for a particular purpose. The example scripts are most useful as a starting point for someone interested in scripting in CASA to reduce their EVLA data.


We do not currently have any scripts or software outside of CASA, but if you have something to contribute, please let us know. Note that there are other CASA scripts located on the CASA home page and the CASA Guides wiki as well, though the majority of these are not specific to EVLA data reduction.