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End-to-End Recipes

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Note: these pages are a work in progress and many are placeholders for future content.

The End-to-end Recipes are meant to guide the observer through common types of data analysis, using example datasets, including explanations of the individual steps. These analyses will be broadly applicable to many EVLA datasets. In addition, there is a page which outlines reduction strategies for specific observing bands. While these are not as detailed as the other recipes, they provide a summary that should guide the observer through basic data processing, while highlighting some of the unique challenges posed by high- and low-frequency data.




Currently, there are recipes for processing a continuum mosaic of the supernova remnant 3C391 as well as a spectral line observation of the AGB star IRC+10216. We expect to add more recipes as time progresses. Note, as well, that you may find other useful tutorials and information on the CASA Guides EVLA Tutorials page (much of the content on these pages is created in the CASA Guides wiki environment).